Tama Keshi (たまケシ Tama Keshi) is a kind of Tamagotchi toy released in Japan during the period that Yume Kira Dream was released. It comes from the word keshigomu, which means eraser. They are like Tamamori stickers but in eraser form.

Each Tama Keshi eraser set comes with one character, one costume, and some accessories that can be put on by little holes in the costume. You can also mix and match the costumes and accessories if you have various sets.

In episode 34 (167) of Yume Kira Dream, the Tamagotchis dress up in Tama Keshi costumes.

List of Sets

Series 1

Series 2 - Mori Mori Dream

Series 3


A Tama Keshi Music Cafe set was released in September 2012. It came with Tama Keshi erasers of Mametchi, Kiraritchi, and Yumemitchi, and could also serve as a pencil holder.

A case that came with a Tama Keshi of Pianitchi is also available.

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