Tamagotchi is the name of a Game Boy game released in October 1997,


also known as Game de Hakken!! Tamagotchi in Japan. It is very much like the original Tamagotchi, but with additional features such as music, contests, and more games.


Upon starting the game, players will select an egg, which will hatch after a short period of time. After the baby hatches from the egg, the player can choose a name for it. Up to three characters can be raised. There are a variety of meals and snacks to choose from, and each character has their own likes and dislikes.

There are various mini-games, such as "Left or Right" from the original P1. There are also games to increase the Tamagotchi's skills, so that it can compete in contests when it is an adult. The contests include a race, a beauty contest, and a math test. Whether the Tamagotchi wins depends on its skill levels.

All characters from P1 and P2 are featured. When the Tamagotchi grows old, or if it was sick for too long without being treated, it may die. If the Tamagotchi was a high age, it will show it happily going back to Tamagotchi Planet in a UFO and then it will appear in a "Tamagotchi Hall of Fame".




  • Sometimes Maskutchi will mysteriously appear in the window of the room, and later disappear all of a sudden.
  • Albeit this being a vintage game, Mametchi looks very much like he does today; with a big head and large eyes instead of round and Mimitchi-like with tiny eyes.

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