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These are all the raisable Tamagotchis on the Tamagotchi Angel.

Japanese name English name Highest possible AP level Stage Wake/Sleep Evolves from which character Minimum care requirement Animation Artwork Appearance
Obaketchi Ghost N/A Egg (Japanese) N/A N/A N/A Jdeth No official artwork A black ghost with white eyes, a mouth and a triangular headpiece
N/A UFO N/A Egg (US) N/A N/A N/A Shipus No official artwork N/A
Obaketchi 2 Ghost Jr 30


Baby Nap Only

11PM - 10AM**

Obaketchi N/A Obake2 Angelgotchi 1 It appears as a white ghost with a halo.
Maruten Marutchi Angel 50 Child 8PM - 8AM Obaketchi 2/Ghost Angel N/A Maruten Angelgotchi 2 Has two wings and a halo. Body can be green or pink.
Kodoten Tamatchi Angel 60 Teen 8PM - 8AM Marutchi Angel/Maruten Good Kodoten Angelgotchi 3 Identical to Tamatchi, but with yellow skin, wings, and a halo.
Takoten Takotchi Angel 60 Teen 8PM - 9AM Marutchi Angel/Maruten Bad Takoten Angelgotchi 4 Has big red lips, a pink body, four legs, wings, and a halo.
Kuriten Chestnut Angel 80 Adult 9PM - 8AM Tamatchi Angel/Kodoten Good Kuriten Angelgotchi 5 Has a pointed head with stubby arms and legs, wings, and a halo.
Ginjirotenshi Ginjirotchi Angel 70 Adult 10PM - 9AM Tamatchi Angel/Kodoten Bad Ginjiro Angelgotchi 6 Has a blue body, two wings and a halo.
Pukuten Chubby Angel 60 Adult 10PM - 9AM Takotchi Angel/Takoten Good Puku Angelgotchi 7 Has a very thick head and stubby arms, a blue shirt, two wings and a halo.
Taraten Tarakotchi Angel 50 Adult 9PM - 9PM Takotchi Angel/Takoten Average Taraten Angelgotchi 8 Has a yellow body, a pink beak, stubby arms and legs, wings, and a halo.
Oyajitenshi Oyajitchi Angel 40 Adult 11PM - 10AM Takotchi Angel/Takoten Bad Oyaji Angelgotchi 9 Has same appearance as Oyajitchi but with wings and a halo
Futagotenshi Twin Angels 90 Special 10PM - 8AM Chestnut Angel/Kuriten, Chubby Angel/Pukuten Good Futagoten Angelgotchi 10 2 angels wearing a yellow dress, wings and a halo
Sabotenshi Cactus Angel 90 Special (Japanese) 11PM - 10AM Taraten Bad Saboten Angelgotchi 12 A cactus inside a small pot with a halo
Kitsutenshi Smiling Angel 90 Special (US) 11PM - 10AM Taraten Bad Angelgotchi 14 SmilingAngel Has a pink head, purple shorts, stickly arms and legs, red boxing gloves and a halo.
Otonoten Shogun Angel 40 Special 11PM - 10AM Oyajitenshi Good Otono Angelgotchi 11 Resembles a samurai warrior with a red outfit, white facepaint, red cheeks and wings
Lucky Unchi-Kun Lucky Unchi-Kun N/A (faceless version)

90 (character)

Death/Special N/A (faceless version)

10PM - 8AM (character)

Obaketchi 2/Ghost Jr (Rarely), Cactus Angel/Sabotenshi, Smiling Angel N/A Unchikun Unchik2 LuckyUnchikun A large, gold, sparkling poop. May or may not have a face.
Debirutchi Deviltchi N/A Death (Japanese (in US versions he is replaced with a black egg)) N/A Any Character Severe Neglect Debiru Angelgotchi 13 Has a black and white body, a pink bill, wings, horns and short legs.


** indicates that the variable only applies if an evolution to Lucky Unchi-Kun is going to occur.

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