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Release date: Price:
  • Japan: March 20, 2004
  • USA: August 15, 2004



The Tamagotchi Connection (later known as Version 1 かえってきた!たまごっちプラス Kaettekita! Tamagotchi Purasu in Japan and Tamagotchi Connexion in Europe) is the first modern release of the Tamagotchi virtual pet, released in Japan on March 20, 2004. It was later released in North America on August 15, 2004. Like its predecessors, it utilizes a black-and-white LCD screen over a printed background.

The Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 was the first Tamagotchi release to use Tamacom, an Infrared feature that connects two Tamagotchi pets, thus allowing them to play games, exchange presents and give birth to offspring. It features characters from the Tamagotchi P1 (1996) and the Mesutchi and Osutchi (1997), as well as several new characters.

New Features

The Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 has 10 icons, 2 more functions in addition to the 8 found in prior releases. The two newer functions added were Communication (i.e. fifth icon, shapped like a heart with radio waves) and Friends List (i.e. ninth icon, shaped like an open book).

This Tamagotchi is the first version that allows the user to name their pet and enter a birthday. The screen was also enlarged; it replaced the traditional 32x16 pixel screen with a 32x30 pixel screen.


The Scale, or status icon, was changed to a different layout than the older Tamagotchis. The first screen shows the Hungry and Happy hearts statuses. The second screen shows the Tamagotchi's Training Meter. The third screen shows its Age, Weight, and Name. The fourth and final screen shows the Gender and Generation of the Tamagotchi.


The Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 was the first release to have multiple games.

  • Dance: Using all three buttons, the character is tasked with copying dance steps. Pressing A makes the character move to the left, C makes it move to the right, and B makes it jump.
  • Jump: Using the middle (B) button, the character must jump over hurdles at the correct time. The more hurdles jumped successfully, the faster the character runs towards them. The character must clear a total of 30 hurdles to win.


While the Tamagotchi still poops as before, the user can now catch the Tamagotchi just before it does so and, using the toilet icon, have them use a toilet instead of making a mess on the floor. This function is not available for the Baby and Senior stages, as well as Oyajitchi.


Expanding on the Discipline function from the original Tamagotchi pets, Training allows the user to both discipline and praise the Tamagotchi. Discipline is used if the Tamagotchi calls for attention when its hearts aren't completely empty or if it refuses medicine or food when needed; while Praise is used if the Tamagotchi is sulking or crying. Rather than increasing 25% each turn, there are now nine bars with one being added for each answered call for discipline or praise.


The Tamagotchi Connection Version 1 was the first virtual pet to introduce Tamacom, an infrared communication between two virtual pets. The concept of communicating between two Tamagotchis originated with the Mesutchi and Osutchi release, which connected via metal sensors.

The Tamagotchi Connection introduces three functions:

  1. Games - Connecting virtual pets can compete against each other in two games: Food Competition and Balloon Competition. The user does not interact with their virtual pet during the game.
    • Food Competition - The two pets compete to see who can eat the most food without passing out. The Japanese release shows them competing with bowls of rice, while the International release show them eating bread.
    • Balloon Competition - The two pets compete to see who can pop a balloon faster. Both sit on a pump and jump on top, causing a balloon to inflate. The first Tamagotchi to pop their balloon wins.
  2. Sharing Gifts - One Tamagotchi visits the other and gives a gift. The present may be an item that can be used (e.g. ball, roller skates), a static connecting item that makes the pet happy (e.g. flower, cake), or a bad item that upsets the Tamagotchi (e.g. poop).
  3. Love - When two Tamagotchis of different genders connect as adults, they may fall in love and produce offspring. Both Tamagotchis will receive a baby of the same gender.

Friends List

A new icon, known as Friends List, was introduced in the shape of an open book. The user may view Tamagotchis they have connected with and examine their genders and friendship levels. The user may also select an item received during a connection session and allow their Tamagotchi play with it.


By connecting and befriending other Tamagotchis, the user can acquire special items for their Tamagotchi to play with. Each adult character has their own unique set of items, while the baby, child and teen characters share the ball item. Items are not carried over between generations or if the Tamagotchi dies.


  • While the English release of the Connection was nearly identical to the Plus, a few differences are present.
    • The Plus and the Connection can connect with every English toy up to the Version 4.5, but the Plus can also connect with the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus and Akai.
    • On the Plus, one of the items a Tamagotchi can recieve as a gift is an Obaketchi, which does nothing. It was replaced with a jack-in-a-box and has the same purpose on the Connection.
    • Child and teen characters eat a bowl of rice as a meal on the Plus, while they eat a roll of bread on the Connection. Ojitchi, Otokitchi and Oyajitchi all drink sake as their snack on the Plus, while on the Connection, they drink a cup of coffee.
    • On the Plus, the death screen features Obaketchi floating next to a tombstone, whereas on the Connection, there is a large disembodied angel.


See: List of Version 1 Characters.

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