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This article is about an English Tamagotchi release.

The "Zebra Stripes Tamagotchi. The V3 is characterized by its small antenna at the top.

The Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 (abbreviated as the V3) is the first Tamagotchi release outside Japan to be able to interact with Tamatown. It has more characters than the previously released versions (a total of 52) and has a password concept similar to that of the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus and the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus. More items are avaliable (see: List of Version 3 Shop Items) and the Souvenirs concept (see: List of Version 3 Souvenirs) is introduced. The shell has a small antenna sticking out of the side, much like the Keitai and the Tamagotchi Plus Akai. This is also the first American Tamagotchi to feature the new Mametchi sprite that has been used on all versions following the V3. It was the last of American releases to have Mimitchi as the mascot, which was changed to Mametchi in Version 4.


The icons are the same as all of the previous releases of Tamagotchi Connection. They are: Check meter, Feeding time, Toilet, Activities, Connection, Discipline, Medication, Lights, Tamagotchi Notebook and Attention Sign.

Check Meter

The check meter consists of six screens: Hunger/happiness, Discipline, Name/age/weight, Gender/generation, Gotchi Points and Username.

Hunger/Happiness Check

Like many other Tamagotchi, hunger and happiness are displayed in four hearts. The more hearts filled, the more full/happy the Tamagotchi is.

Discipline Check

Like all other Tamagotchi that have this feature, discipline is displayed in a bar. The more lines filled in the bar, the more well disciplined the Tamagotchi is. The bar holds nine lines though the Tamagotchi may beep for more discipline.

Name/Age/Weight Check

The Tamagotchi's name is displayed. It can be up to five letters long. The Tamagotchi's age and weight is also displayed. One earth day = One Tamagotchi year. Tamagotchi will gain weight as it eats and lose weight by exercising.

Gender/Generation Check

The Tamagotchi's gender and generation is displayed. The gender is displayed in words, either "Boy" or "Girl". Every time the Tamagotchi has a baby, the baby will become the next generation of the Tamagotchi's family.

Gotchi Points Check

By playing games, more Gotchi Points are earned. Up to 9999P (P for Points) can be stored on the v3.

Username Check

This screen displayes the user's Username set up at the start up. The username is used for accessing Tamagotchi Town.

Feeding Time

Here the user can feed their Tamagotchi a meal or a snack. There are four default meals and four default snacks and the user can buy more if she or he wishes.


The Toilet icon is used to clean up a Tamagotchi's messes.


Here the user can play games with his or her Tamagotchi, use items, buy items, enter passwords or view souvenirs collected from Tamagotchi Town.


There are six games: Get ♪, Bump, Flag, Heading, Memory and Sprint.

Get ♪

Get ♪ is a game which has also been released on the Shuku Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus. The user must use the far left and far right buttons to collect the muscial notes and avoid catching poop. If you catch poop or you miss a muscial note, your game ends. You have to catch 100 musical notes to beat the game.


Bump is a game which has also been released on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 2. The user must press the left button when "PUSH!" appears on the screen and use the right button to stop the meter when he or she thinks it is full. Make sure the meter is completely black for more of a chance to win. It has been said that the more your Tamagotchi weighs, the higher chance it has of winning.


Flag is a game which has also been released on the Ouchi no Home Deka Game King. This is a game similar to Simon Says, only using flags instead.


Heading is a game which has also been released on the Ouchi no Home Deka Game King. The user uses the far left and far right buttons to move the Tamagotchi left to right and the middle button to jump and bop balls.


Memory is a game which has also been released on the Ouchi no Home Deka Game King. The user uses the three buttons to repeat a pattern of arrows shown on screen.


Sprint is a button mashing game. The user must repeatedly press buttons to encourage their Tamagotchi to get to the finish line.


See: List of Version 3 Characters


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