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Fuwamokotchi Evolving
Fuwamokotchi evolving in episode 131, Tamagotchi!.

Tamagotchi Evolution is the process of which a Tamagotchi progresses through one form to the next, through natural aging, items, breeding, or acquisition of Skill Points. It is a natural process experienced by all Tamagotchis.

Stages of Evolution

There are several stages of evolution. In chronological order:

  • Egg - Almost every Tamagotchi begins at this form. A Tamagotchi may stay as an egg for a minimum of one minute, and a maximum of five. Note that the Tamagotchi Movie shows that the time spent in egg form is much longer on the Tamagotchi Planet itself.
  • Baby - The first living form of Tamagotchi. The baby is the youngest and weakest form of Tamagotchi, and require much more care than other forms. The Baby form lasts for an hour (though on the Mesutchi and Osutchi, it can last for at least 25 hours).
  • Child - Also known as the "Toddler" stage. The Child form comes directly after the Baby form. Here, the Tamagotchi becomes much less needy, and the owner's care of the pet better determines what the Tamagotchi will grow into. The Child stage can last from one to three days.
  • Teen - In this stage, the care methods used in the Baby and Child stage start to show in the Tamagotchi. The Teen stage is very important; everything that occurs at this stage, good or bad, has a direct effect on the Adult stage. The Teen stage can last from three to four days (though notably, it only lasts a day on the Tenshitchi no Tamagotchi and the V4.)
  • Adult - In this stage, right after the Teen stage, the Tamagotchi is considered fully grown. All the effects of care, from baby to teen form, are apparent in the adult form; some characters are agreeable and intelligent, while others are selfish and sleep late. Adult acquired from good care tend to be attractive in appearance, while adults from neglect may be weak or unattractive, or hide their faces altogether. At this stage, the Tamagotchi can breed.

There are also three more stages, each one achieved through different methods:

  • Special Stage - The Special Stage occurs when certain conditions are met, causing a Tamagotchi to evolve into a unique or rare character. Such Tamagotchi characters are often referred to as the "Secret Characters".
  • Parenthood - The Parent stage was introduced in the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5. When two Tamagotchi adults get married and breed, they become certain parental characters, based on what group the character is in. The Parent characters play games with kids, and appear during random animations. If the child changes into a neglect-based character, the parents change accordingly, though will not revert back to their previous forms.
  • Old Age - Ojitchi and Otokitchi are the "old" characters - at a certain age, a Tamagotchi adult may retire from their job is they have one and become one of these, based on gender

Evolution in the Anime

Evolution also exists in the anime series, but is rarely seen.

Kizunatchi evolves in episode 143 of Tamagotchi!, Fuwamokotchi evolves in episode 131 of Tamagotchi!, and My Friend evolves in episode 120. In Tamagotchi: The Movie, Chamametchi evolves from her baby form, Mimifuwatchi.

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