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Tama hospital v4 sprite

The Tamagotchi Hospital (たまごっち病院 Tamagotchi Byouin) is a location in Tamagotchi Town.


The Tamagotchi Hospital looks like a large white building with many windows. It has a green roof that has a white wall around it with a cracked appearance. The words 'Tama Hospital' are written across the roof's wall in red lettering. There are two towers on top of the building with red caps and faces. A tube goes from one tower's mouth to the other's. There is a egg-like shape on the front of the building, which has sliding doors and a pink plus sign.

In the anime, the tube seems to be absent, and the plus sign is blue instead of pink.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4

The Tamagotchi Hospital is a job location. The player's Tamagotchi must have at least 80 Intellectual Skill Points to work here.

Tamagotchi iD L

When the player's Tamagotchi gets very sick, an ambulance will take them to the Tamagotchi Hospital, so they can be cured.

In the Anime

The Tamagotchi Hospital can be seen in Let's Go! Tamagotchi.


The Tamagotchi Hospital was a visitable location on the V4/4.5 TamaTown website. There was a game in which players have to click and drag Tamagotchis to the correct rooms according to the nurse's instructions. The item Lollipop could also be obtained here.

The Tamagotchi Hospital was also a visitable location on the Japanese website, E-Tamago.


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