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Tamagotchi Mating Power, abbreviated as TMP, is a function used exclusively on the Mesutchi and Osutchi.


TMP is the icon third from left on the bottom row of the screen. It is represented by crowns; the TMP Level is indicated by the number of crowns shown. There are a total of four TMP levels, each one featuring different characters. The TMP Level is determined by how a Tamagotchi is cared for; if it is severely neglected as either children or teens then it can undergo a TMP degeneration. On the contrary, if it is given average care or better then it will maintain its current TMP Level. This does not apply if at TMP1; if Mohitamatchi is given average care or better then it will evolve into either Obotchi on the Osutchi or Ojotchi on the Mesutchi. However, if it is given below average care or worse then it will evolve into Hawainotchi on the Osutchi or Hawaikotchi on the Mesutchi.

Another factor that affects TMP Level is which two adults mate. Certain character combinations result in certain babies.

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