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Tamagotchi Mini.

Tamagotchi Mini, known in Japan as the Chibi Tamagotchi, is a miniature version of Tamagotchi. It is 66% of the size of a original Tamagotchi, has limited features, and most treat it like a fashion accessory.


This Tamagotchi is so small, it does not have icons, so the caring is done with A button. If the owner suspects the character needs something, they press the C button. If the character does a specific animation, or a certain menu appears, the owner can care for it accordingly. This is used to feed, clean poo, turn on or off lights when it's sleeping, or cure sickness.

The B button switches between the clock and main screen, and C cancels out of any open menu (as in Food selection or lights). Due to the screen size, the Tamagotchi Mini does not have a "Date" function.

The first stage of the Tamagotchi's life lasts approximately 24 hours before becoming an adult. It will become a special adult within 7 days, and pass away approximately 7 days later.


Marutchi hatches from the egg, and may evolve into either Mametchi, Masktchi, Kuchipatchi, or Nyorotchi.

Mametchi can evolve into either Unchi-Kun (Japanese release) or Ginjirotchi (worldwide release), depending on region. The other three adults evolve into Oyajitchi.

Special Releases

After the initial debut in Japan, special designs of the Chibi Tamagotchi were released to tie in with a new series of Tamagotchi-based clothing. A special Tokyo design was also released.

In late 2007, a special New Years edition, known as the Kaien version, was released. It includes new foods and two new secret characters. Mametchi evolves into a character named Miko-San, while the other adults become Darumatchi.

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