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This article is about an English Tamagotchi Release

Tamagotchi Music Star - Gotchi King Servants

Tamagotchi Music Star (billed as the Tamagotchi Connection Version 6 or V6 in the Asia/Oceania/Australia region) is a Tamagotchi released on November 28, 2008 in North America, in Europe in January 2009, and in Asia/Oceania/Australia in February 2009.


Tamagotchi argos music star

Argos Pink Glitter design

The Music Star features a 48x31 screen, similar to the one introduced on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5,but the shell does not feature an antenna, much like the Tamagotchi Connection and Tamagotchi Connection Version 2. Twelve designs are available in the USA, and 6 in the Asia/Oceania/Australia. The European designs are identical but with minor differences, and an exclusive Pink Glitter design is only available in Argos.


Music Star Birth

The Tamagotchi starts off with an instrument, toy, and some money. At the toddler stage, the Tamagotchi goes to preschool and receives a new toy. At the teen stage, they go to the Gotchi Performing Arts School (GPAS) and join a band with two other characters. The new band is taught by Classictchi until the band members reach adulthood.

As adults, they perform in front of a panel of judges. If any judge votes "no", the band can only do street performances until their next attempt. If the judges all vote "yes", the band debuts as a professional band. This is a called passing Pro Debut. When a band passes Pro Debut, each band member is awarded a huge sum of money and your character is able to win a 1st Ranking Award if the band performs in many more concerts.

Foods and Items

There are 40 possible items, 2 of which can only be unlocked online. There is a total of 60 food items: 2 which the user always has, and 58 more (29 meals and 29 snacks) that can be purchased at the Shop. At the teen stage onward, the standard meal and snack will no longer raise hearts, forcing the user to buy food as it grows older.

Every Tamagotchi has different food and object preferences; when given its favorite item, the Tamagotchi will perform its happy animation, and a "GREAT!" will appear after it eats its favorite food. Conversely, the Tamagotchi will be sullen and performs an unhappy animation when given disliked items or food. Upon use, favorite items and foods will help the Tamagotchi regain hearts and reduce stress; naturally, disliked items and food have the opposite effect.

Certain items like CDs and Makeup require an additional item - in this case, a stereo and a mirror. If you have a baby or spouse, using items will often include multiple or all members of the household. When the parents leave for Tama Planet, they take all the money but leave the items for their remaining child.

Instruments and Toys

On screen, there are always two items present: an instrument on the right of the screen, and a toy on the left. Every 15 minutes, the Tamagotchi will use either of these; instruments will raise skill points but raise stress, and toys will lower stress but raise no skill points and furthermore, the Tamagotchi may be more inclined to play than to practice music. There are 20 toys and 21 instruments.


There are several games; 3 are always available, one available only during the child stage, 1 only available at the teen stage, and 3 more available at the adult and senior stages.

Standard Games

Standard games can always be played with your Tamagotchi, no matter what stage or weight. They will raise happiness and skill points, but no money is earned from play.

  • Sing A Song - This game will raise the Tone skill. Music notes are played, and the player must repeat the tune using the corresponding buttons for each note. There are 10 rounds, and songs get progressively more difficult.
  • Music Notes - This game will raise the Rhythm skill. Music notes fall from the top of the screen, and the player must play the correct notes to make them vanish before they pass a line near the bottom of the screen. The player must scroll through notes using the A button, and select the specific note using B. The game is over after reaching 100 points.
  • Sound Block - This game will raise the Original skill. Blocks appear on screen, and the Tamagotchi must jump on them as they appear and vanish in order to reach the goal block and progress to the next round. Blocks have numbers on them, counting down from 3 to 1, and vanish after 1. There are 6 rounds total.

Special Games

These are games that only appear using the "Away" function during certain stages of growth. The first three games randomly raise skill points.

  • Jump-Rope - This game is only available to Child stage characters. The player's Tamagotchi and another child will play jump rope until one child loses. To jump, press the A or B button.
  • Music Lessons - This game is only available to Teen stage characters. After forming a band, the Tamagotchi and its band members will practice with their instruments. When a music note appears on top of one of the characters, it means that the next note in their part is coming up. When this happens, press the corresponding button.
  • Music Studio - This game is only available to Adult and Senior stage characters. 3 lines of 4x4 pixel dots will move across the screen. These are notes, beats, or lyrics depending on the instrument, and the player can press the corresponding button(s) (A for top row, B for middle, C for bottom) as they line up with the arrow. Missing 2 or more will end the game. There are 2 rounds. In the background, the appropriate music genre will play.

The following games are only available to the Adult and Senior stage characters and do not earn skill points. However, they increase happiness and earn money.

  • Cake Shop - A cake appears on the right side of the screen, and the player must grab the cake with a grabber when it appears. A line of different cakes appear on the bottom of the screen, scrolling from right to left. Press A to speed up the line, and press B to activate the claw. Collecting 16 cakes counts as a perfect game.

This game has also appeared in Tamagotchi Connection Version 4 and Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5, as well as an unlockable game from Tamagotchi Friends.

  • Fruit Harvest - A box appears on the bottom of the screen, showing a variety of fruit. Meanwhile, it will fall from the top of the screen. The player must move the boxes below to line up with the corresponding fruit as the fruit moves towards it. The A button will move the boxes left, and C will move them right. A score of 100 points counts as a perfect game.


See Tamagotchi Music Star/Character List

Getting a Record Deal

After evolving to adult stage, selecting the "Away" option will result in your Tamagotchi meeting up with his/her bandmates, and they will evolve as well. They will then see the teacher, but rather than playing the music lessons game, your band will perform for three judges. After performing, the judges will each give an "X" or "O". If you get all three "O's", Guitartchi will become your new manager. He will say "Pro Debut!" to your band, and then he will give 10,000 Gotchi Points. However, if even one of the judges give an "X", then your band is turned down and become street musicians. If they become street musicians, every once in a while your band gets another chance to try again and get all three "O's".

Star Ranking

After your Tamagotchi's first judged performance, going to the clock screen will show you a "Star Ranking" and "Tama Fans" screen, rather than the Petitchi eating music notes. The "Tama Fans" holds no importance whatsoever except to tell you how popular your band is. The "Star Ranking" is a bit more valuable. If your judged performance failed, it will be viewed as 999th place, and it will stay that way until you pass. Once you do pass, it will steadily rise to 1st, or go nearly right there. Once your Star Ranking has risen to 1st, at the next concert you perform in, you will receive a 1st Ranking Award.


  • There is a glitch where if a user's Tamagotchi and its band do not receive a record deal, rather than move to the three buildings, the characters will go back to the music school.
    • Another infamous glitch that when the two band members evolve, if the user presses the reset button, the main screen will appear. If the user selects "Away," they may see parts of the original adults' sprites as well as the previous teen characters before they evolve again.
  • The teen stage was reduced to 30 hours in this version.

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