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The Tamagotchi Planet (たまごっち星 Tamagotchi Sei) is the homeworld of all Tamagotchis, and the closest planet to The Earth that supports life. Just like all of the buildings, machines, and plants on the surface, the planet itself is a Tamagotchi.


From space, the planet looks mostly green with large continents of various colors (dark green, yellow, and pink). It has closed eyes, pink lips. and an open mouth with a large drop of drool hanging out of it, as if the planet is sleeping. It also had two short, stubby arms that often hang down away from its body, and two clouds its top. The back of Tamagotchi Planet looks like a Tamagotchi device; there is cream colored area that resembles a screen, and three pink spots that resemble buttons.

In its original incarnation, the planet resembled Earth with eyes and a large, pink beak. On its back side was Zetsuenshi Island, which had a tab so large it could be seen from space.


During the events of the original Tamagotchi, an Oyajitchi got the Tamagotchi Planet drunk, causing it to sing loudly and make the planet uninhabitable. In a panic, the Tamagotchis fled the planet for safe haven, and ended up crashing on Earth. During the events of the Yasashii Tamagotch (fall 1998), the Planet had become sober and was safe to live on again, and Professor Banzo and Mikachu began to send the Tamagotchis home in repaired UFOs.

During the events of Tamagotchi: The Movie, Sunnytchi disappeared from the Planet, causing it to catch a cold. While it was sick, the Tamagotchi Planet had a large drip of nasal fluid hanging from its nose insead of drool hanging from its mouth. Mametchi stole a rocket from Mamemame Laboratory to go searching for Sunnytchi, only to find the Planet's cold medication hitched to the tip of the rocket. It was successfully shot from the rocket so the Planet could ingest it, curing its cold. Later, when the rocket was trying to escape Blackholetchi's pull, the Planet unleashed a loud cry that woke up Blackholetchi.

In the series finale of the Tamagotchi! anime, it is shown that it developed an egg disease, turning its population into zombie-like eggs.

In the series GO-GO Tamagotchi!, the two northern continents of the Planet merge together in an event known as Tamagottsun (たまごっつん), which happens once every thousand years. This causes Tamagotchi Town, Dream Town, and the smaller rural areas surrounding them to merge into one city, forming Dreamtama Town.

On Virtual Pets

None of the vintage Tamagotchi toys portrayed the Tamagotchis as living on the planet; they lived in the egg itself.

On the Keitai Kaitsuu Tamagotchi Plus, the Tamagotchi could temporarily visit the Planet through a cell phone application, and come back the same way. Starting from the Chou Jinsei Enjoi Tamagotchi Plus, the Tamagotchi could return to the Planet through an Earth PC and visit Tamagotchi Town, among many other planet locations. This functionality is included in the Ura Jinsei Enjoy Tamagotchi Plus, Tamagotchi Connection Version 3, V4, V4.5, V5, V5 Celebrity, and Music Star.

Starting from the Tamagotchi Plus Color and TamaTown Tama-Go, the toys now take place on the Tamagotchi Planet itself, with the toy being a means of communicating and interacting between the Tamagotchi Planet and Earth.

An image of the Planet is used as the Death screen on the TamagoChu and the English edition of the Tamagotchi Mini.


In Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3, the player recieves a message requesting help from either Mametchi, Memetchi, or Kuchipatchi. If the player agrees to help, a UFO will appear to take the player to Tamagotchi Planet. 

The loading screen for Tamagotchi Friend's Dream Town game is an image of Tamagotchi Planet.



  • The radical change in appearance between the Planet's 1998 and 2004 incarnations suggest that the Planet, like all Tamagotchis, is capable of Evolution.
  • The Planet's oceans look green from space, despite being blue when seen from the surface.


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