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The homeworld of all Tamagotchis, the Tamagotchi Planet (たまごっち星 Tamagotchi Sei) is also the closest planet to the Earth that supports life. Just like all the buildings and cars on its surface, the planet itself is a Tamagotchi. It is green with large colored areas all over its surface. It has closed eyes and a pink curved mouth with a large drop of drool hanging out of it, as if the planet is sleeping. It also had two short, stubby arms that often hang down away from its body, and two clouds that resemble ears. Tamagotchi Planet is like Earth in many ways.

During the events of the original Tamagotchi P1 and Tamagotchi P2, everything on Tamagotchi Planet became drunk and started singing terrible music. To escape, Tamagotchi fled to Earth to be raised by humans until they went back to sleep.

In the series finale of the Tamagotchi! anime, it is shown that it developed an egg disease, turning its population into zombielike eggs. Everyone on Tamagotchi Planet caught the disease, turning into tiny white eggs.



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