Name Type Cost Code Obtaining Notes
Onirigi Meal Default
Sandwich Meal Default
Oden Meal Default
Omurice Meal 700₲ TamaTama Market Fills 2 Hungry bowls
Hamburger Meal McDonald's Tree Fills 2 Hungry bowls
Banana Snack Default
Gum Snack Default
Sake Snack Default Only adults can use
Orange Juice Snack 250₲ TamaTama Market Turns Kuchipatchi orange
Green Tea Snack 150₲ TamaTama Market "HAPPY" item
Popsicle Snack 200₲ TamaTama Market "HAPPY" item
Cotton Candy Snack Mystery Tree
Donut Snack 80155


Mystery Seeds Necessity Default May grow into an item, Gotchi Points, or negative item (Poo, worm)
Watering Can Necessity Default
Scrub Brush Necessity Prize Ticket
Hand Fan Necessity Prize Ticket
Frying Pan Set Necessity Prize Ticket
Umbrella Necessity Prize Ticket Can only be used during rainstorms
Shovel Necessity Prize Ticket Can only be used when snowing
Vacuum Cleaner Necessity Prize Ticket
Rainbow Watering Can Necessity Prize Ticket "HAPPY" item
Yellow Transit Pass Necessity 900₲ TamaTama Market Makes Amusement Park and TamaDepa available
White Transit Pass Necessity 2100₲ TamaDepa Makes Temple available
Green Transit Pass Necessity 2600₲ TamaDepa Makes Celebria available
Hapihapi Seeds Necessity 84328


Grows only Hapihapi Hearts
McDonald's Seeds Necessity 17140


Grows only Hamburgers
Letter Seeds Necessity 93151


Grows only Letters
Magnifying Glass Toy 500₲ TamaTama Market "HAPPY" item
Telescope Toy 1000₲ TamaTama Market "HAPPY" item
Dumbell Toy Mystery Tree
Artist Palette Toy Mystery Tree
Piano Toy Mystery Tree
Hair Ribbon Toy Mystery Tree Character Item - Oyajitchi & Otokitchi
Storybook Toy Mystery Tree Character Item - Chamametchi & LoveZukintchi
3D Glasses Toy Mystery Tree Character Item - Grippatchi & Memetchi
Tamatebako Toy Mystery Tree Character Item - Violetchi & Young Mametchi
Lab Coat Toy 1300₲ TamaTama Market Character Item - Mametchi & Maidtchi
Guitar Toy 1500₲ TamaTama Market Character Item - Kuromametchi & Nemutchi
Invisibility Cape Toy 800₲ TamaTama Market Character Item - Gozarutchi & Shimashimatchi
White Cream Toy 2300₲ TamaDepa Character Item - Ichigotchi & Makiko
Golf Set Toy 2600₲ TamaDepa Character Item - Marotchi & Ojitchi
Hero Set Toy 2900₲ TamaDepa Character Item - Kikitchi & Kuchipatchi
  • Turns Kuchipatchi into Patchi Man
Red Thread Special 3000₲ TamaDepa When two units use this and connect immediately, the relationship level reaches its highest possible level.
Thinning Drink Special 3300₲ TamaDepa Reduces weight by 20g
Tree Grower Special 3600₲ TamaDepa Immediately grows trees
Springy Shoes Special 3900₲ TamaDepa Visit Magical Flying Library Ship
Letter Special Letter Tree Makes Exile band member or mascot appear
Hapihapi Heart Special Hapihapi Tree "HAPPY" item
Mochi Special 83512


Connecting Connection gift (January)
Ohanami Picnic Set Special 82643


Connecting Connection gift (April)
Umeboshi Special 15640


Connecting Connection gift (June)
Chocolate Special 14751


Connecting Connection gift (February)
Cookie Special 13231


Connecting Connection gift (March)
Kashiwa Mochi Special 41286


Connecting Connection gift (May)
Watermelon Special 79327


Connecting Connection gift (July)
Shaved Ice Special 37017


Connecting Connection gift (August)
Tsukimi Dango Special 92849


Connecting Connection gift (September)
Candy Special 18752


Connecting Connection gift (October)
Baked Sweet Potato Special 58748


Connecting Connection gift (November)
Christmas Cake Special 37414


Connecting Connection gift (December)

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