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Tamagotchi Preschool (たまごっち幼稚園 Tamagotchi Yōchien) is a location in Tamagotchi Town. It is a place where young Tamagotchis go to develop their skills before they are old enough for higher levels of school.


In official artwork, the Tamagotchi Preschool building looks like a yellow chick. It has two dark round eyes, an orange beak, and feathers sticking up on one side. It also has two square windows, and a door with two orange pillars on each side and a red overhang.

Tamagotchi Preschool's appearance was modified in the anime.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Version 4

After the Tamagotchi reaches the child stage, they may receive a mail notice which allows them to enroll in preschool. During preschool sessions, Ms. Frill will dance and the Tamagotchi has to copy. Attending preschool sessions slightly increases the Tamagotchi's skill points.

Tamagotchi Music Star

When the Tamagotchi is a child, the door icon will light up. Once the door is answered, Ms. Frill may appear to invite the Tamagotchi to enroll in preschool. She will also give a present and inside will be a new toy. Unlike the Version 4, preschool sessions require input from the user; the Tamagotchi has to jump a rope with another child-stage character. The B button must be pressed so that the user's Tamagotchi can jump over the rope until the other character misses a jump. Winning the game increases the Tamagotchi's music skills.

In the Anime


Tamagotchi Preschool is occasionally seen in the Tamagotchi! series, where young Tamagotchis play and learn together. Melodytchi often plays her violin for the children there. Spacytchi has also been known to help out. Since the children usually do activities outside, the inside of the preschool is never seen.


In Other Tamagotchi Media

Tamagotchi Preschool was a visitable location on the V4/V4.5 TamaTown website. There was a puzzle game. The player could also collect two souvenirs here: the Picture Book, and the Organ.

Tamagotchi Preschool is a visitable location in the Nintendo DS game Tamagotchi no Appare! Niji-Venture.


  • The characters who appear at Tamagotchi Preschool are the only child-stage characters from the virtual pets to appear in the anime.
  • The teacher in the anime is different from the teacher on the virtual pets.
  • Young Mimitchi and Young Androtchi are actually teen-stage characters, even though all the other preschool students in the anime are child-stage characters.


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