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Tamagotchi TV is an official Youtube Channel that hosts Tamagotchi web shorts. The channel was created shortly after Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO finished airing.

The web shorts typically range from about one to ten minutes long, and cover a variety of topics such as announcements, trivia, and tips for the virtual pets. Many skits feature live actors, including Yuna and Mai, who previously appeared in Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishuu GO's live action skits.

Recurring Skits

  • Reporting Live! Natural TAMAGO (じっきょー!なまTAMAGO) - Mai plays with a Tamagotchi 4U+ and makes commentary about it.
  • Let's Make It ♪ Tama Kitchen (つくって♪たまキッチン) - Yuna and Mai show how to make Tamagotchi-themed dishes.
  • Casual Travel Tamagotchi (ぶらり旅 たまごっち) - Kuchipatchi and his acquaintance, Toujou Hisako, go on trips to answer questions about the Earth.
  • Gotchi News (ごっちNEWS Gotchi NEWS) - This skit contains general announcements related to the Tamagotchi franchise.
  • Discovered Here!! Tamagotchi (ここで発見!!たまごっち) - The viewer must inspect a scene, and find the hidden Tamagotchi toys.
  • What Will Happen? Tamagotchi (どーなる?たまごっち) - This skit presents different growth patterns that can occur on a Tamagotchi 4U+.
  • Exciting☆Tama Change (ドキドキ☆たまチェンジ) - One part of a picture will change. MameLabtchi asks the viewers if they found the difference, and then the correct answer is revealed.
  • False? True? Tamagotchi Quiz (ウソ?ホント?たまごっちクイズ) - Trivia questions are presented, and the viewer must decide if the answer if true or false. The answer is revealed towards the end of the video.


  • The Tamagotchi characters that appear in the skits are silent, and speech balloons appear when the characters are talking.

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