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Tamagotchi Town
Tamagotchi town
Anime version of Tamagotchi Town.
(たまごっちタウン Tamagotchi Taun) is the place where the Tamagotchi people live in and at night the buildings come alive. When alive they tell gossip to each other to tell what happened that day and they watch the dreams of the Tamagotchi people at night. It is usually shown as being densly populated by many forms of Tamagotchi.


Pyonkotchi TT
A screen shot of TamaTown V4
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The origins of Tamatown can be traced back to the 90's era of Tamagotchis. In the Japanese movie and manga, Tamatown as shown briefly as a cluster of massive cluster of the virtual pets, most being raised on support roles with staircases to raise them above the ground. The U.S. appearence on the Tamagotchi Video Adventures VHS release is similar, but has raised pathways as well, and has a monarchy, with Tamagotchis ruled under the Tamagotchi King. Other than homes and small shops, the U.S. form in the video also includes a museum of artifacts from other civilized planets, and an exibit on the planet history.

Tamatown appeared once again with the release of the Keitai in Japan. With the release of the cell phone game, the pets could now visit Tamatown and find mates, visit parents, and play games. The Tamatown featured was different from the original appearence; instead of raised buildings that resembled the virtual pet, the new Tamatown was shown to have a running railway, a news tower, a marketplace, houses, trees, and a station. Tall office buildings could also be seen in the far background. The city also had a new ruler: a round, golden egg with a crown and cape, known today as the Gotchi King.

With the release of the Entama, Tamatown expanded vastly. Rather than a small settlement, the modern Tamatown had many new buildings and stores, as well as a school, hospital, arcade, and many others. Entama owners could log on to a website,, and visualy see their Tamagotchi visit Tamatown. They could play games, buy goods, visit relatives and teachers, among other things. The Version 3 and 4, released in countries outside Japan, has a similar Tamatown accessed through, though with many differences from its Japanese counterpart.

Subsets of Tamatown

Many smaller settlements exist surrounding Tamatown, though are still ruled under the same Gotchi King. These include Mame City, which mainly consists of Mame group characters; Guruguru Town, with the Meme group; Patchi Forest, with the Kuchi group; Gozaru Village, for the Gozarutchis, Berry Town, for Ichigotchis, Flower Hills, for Violetchi; Oyaji Village, for Ojitchi, Otokitchi, and Oyajitchi; the Gotchi Ginza, a shopping district; and Makkakka Town, a springs resort featured on the Akai Tamagotchi.

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