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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.
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Tamagotchi m!x (たまごっちみくす Tamagotchi Mikusu) (pronounced "Tamagotchi mix") is a Tamagotchi released in Japan on July 16, 2016.

Bandai has announced three versions. The first two versions are the Spacy m!x and Melody m!x version. The pattern on the front of the device varies between the two versions. Spacy m!x version has a zigzag stripe pattern while Melody m!x version has one with spots. Both versions come in three colors: pink, purple, and blue. A third version, the 20th Anniversary m!x, was announced to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Tamagotchi franchise and will be released on November 23, 2016. The anniversary m!x features a falling star design and comes in two colors, Royal Pink and Royal White.

The toy introduced a brand new feature called "m!x". With this feature, the physical traits that a Tamagotchi will have when it is an adult are determined by what traits its parents had. The offspring of two Tamagotchis will have traits from both parents, for example, a Tamagotchi may have its mother's eyes and its father's body. This feature allows for hundreds of different possible outcomes from mating Tamagotchis.


Tamagotchi Mix Characters

A roster of Adult Tamagotchi characters built-in the Tamagotchi m!x.

Main article: Tamagotchi m!x/Character list


The following appear as guest characters and as such are not obtainable.


The m!x takes place primarily in a town without a clear name; it is only referred to as "Jibun no Town" (じぶんのタウン My Town). All locations within the m!x include an open space and a shop. Outside of the primary town, all locations also feature a place unique to that town as well as the ability to propose.


  • Straps - Straps can be attached to a Tamagotchi m!x toy and be used to carry it around. Two kinds of straps were released on July 16, 2016: the ribbon accessory strap, and the neck strap. The ribbon accessory strap costs 1,296 yen and comes in two versions: Colorful Egg, and Girly Pink. The neck strap costs 972 yen and comes in two versions: Rainbow Sky, and Cute Pom-Poms.

Tamagotchi m!x Station

A standalone device called Tamagotchi m!x Station was released alongside the m!x series. The following characters are only obtainable through the m!x Station, which is currently only available in Japan. They cannot be obtained by normal means and are not part of the growth chart.


  • Rather than having twelve unique teen stage characters, six male and six female, the six teen stage characters have male and female variations; males have blue bodies while females have pink. This is the only growth stage where this happens, as well as the first Tamagotchi release to feature such.




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