Character Artwork Sprite Growth Stage Gender Obtaining
Tamabotchi Baby Male 50% chance of hatching at birth
Tamapatchi Baby Female 50% chance of hatching at birth
Puchitomatchi Child Male Happiness above 10 points
Mittsupotchi Child Male Happiness below 10 points
Tantotchi Child Female Happiness above 10 points
Nanahotchi Child Female Happiness below 10 points
Haretchi Teen Male
0-2 care mistakes
Happiness above 20 points
Eriitchi Teen Male
3-5 care mistakes
Happiness above 20 points
Soyofuwatchi Teen Male
6 or more care mistakes
Happiness above 20 points
Mokokotchi Teen Male
0-2 care mistakes
Happiness below 20 points
Tororitchi Teen Male
3-5 care mistakes
Happiness below 20 points
Waamuwaamutchi Teen Male
6 or more care mistakes
Happiness below 20 points
Mametchi Adult Male 0-2 care misses
Kuchipatchi Adult Male 3-4 care misses
Forest type Town
Yotsubatchi Adult Male Flower type Town
Gozarutchi Adult Male 5-6 care mistakes
Japanese type Town
Shimagurutchi Adult Male 7 or more care mistakes
Kikitchi Adult Male Unknown
Morijikatchi Adult Male Unknown
Jellytchi Adult Male Unknown
Bushinosuketchi Adult Male Unknown
Wagassiertchi Adult Male Unknown
Pikagorotchi Adult Male Unknown
Speplanetchi Adult Male Unknown
Spacy Version Exclusive
Orchestrotchi Adult Male Unknown
Melody Version Exclusive
Memetchi Adult Female 0-2 care mistakes
Lovelitchi Adult Female 3-4 care mistakes
Nijifuwatchi Adult Female Sky type Town
Violetchi Adult Female 5-6 care mistakes
Momotchi Adult Female 7 or more care mistakes
Guriritchi Adult Female Unknown
Chouchoutchi Adult Female Unknown
Himebaratchi Adult Female Unknown
Watawatatchi Adult Female Unknown
Pichipitchi Adult Female Unknown
Kotohimetchi Adult Female Unknown
Shigurehimetchi Adult Female Unknown
Shinobinyatchi Adult Female Unknown
Decoratchi Adult Female Unknown
Himespetchi Adult Female Unknown
Spacy Version Exclusive
Melodytchi Adult Female Unknown
Melody Version Exclusive

The following 20th anniversary characters need to be added to the list:

  • Maskutchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Oyajitchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Mimitchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Kuromametchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • ShimaShimatchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Makiko (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Ura Togetchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Ura Zukyutchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Princess Tamako (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Prince Tamahiko (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)
  • Nemunemuutchi (20th Anniversary m!x exclusive)

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