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This article is about a Japanese Tamagotchi release.
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Tamagotchi no Kira Kira Omisetchi (たまごっちのキラキラおみせっち) is a Japanese-exclusive Nintendo DS game set in Celebria, and featuring new characters from Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. It is the sequel to Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3. The title translates to "Tamagotchi's Sparkling Shops-tchi".


Playing as Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, or Violetchi, players must help Madame Kiki with the shops in Celebria. At the end of the game players can unlock a shop run by Chamametchi where they can design their own clothes.  Throughout the game they can unlock furniture to decorate their room and clothes for their partner.


McDonald's Celebria Shop

Work at a McDonalds fast food restaurant and serve the customers their orders.

Look at the customer's order to see what they want. Then pick out the correct selections from four categories: Burgers, Sides, Drinks, and Happy Set. Tap on the items in the customer's order, and they will appear on the cash register. To remove an item, click on the "clear" button. When you are all done choosing the items, click on the "OK" button.

Next, you will be in a room with a conveyor belt. Many different menu items will appear on the conveyer belt. You need to pick out the correct items that appear in the customer's order, and put them on the tray.

For drinks, you need to go to the other side of the room where the beverage dispenser is. Pick the correct cup size and drink type. Fill the cup but don't let it overflow. When the cup is full, put it on the tray. If you need to get rid of an item, put it in the trash can.

Tour Flight

Take customers on a sky-high tour.

The aircraft appears on DS's top screen. On the DS's bottom screen, there is a grid with a star that shows the aircraft's position. Drag the star with the stylus to move the aircraft. Try to fly through rings and avoid any obstacles such as planes or UFOs.

You have five hearts that serve as health. At the beginning of the game, you start with three. Each time you hit and obstacle, you lose one heart. Flying through rings will give you more hearts. If you lose all of your hearts, the game ends early and you get a bad score. Try to keep all of the hearts filled for a good score.

Dress Shop

Create the dresses that the customers ask for.

There are five tabs: Tops, Bottoms, Patterns, Frills, and Other.

First, pick out the correct top and bottom. When you open either the Tops or Bottoms tab, you must first select a color for the piece, and then pick the shape.

Select the Patterns tab to apply patterns. First choose the color that you want the pattern to be, and then choose the design. The top and bottom parts of the dress can have patterns that are different from each other.

Select the Frills tab to apply frills. First select the color that you want the frill to be, then select a style. Move the frills to the spots on dress indicated by the order.

Select the Other tab to pick out miscellaneous decorations. Move the decorations to the spots on dress indicated by the order.

Yum Cha Shop

Serve the customers the snacks and drinks that they ask for.

The Yum Cha shop serves various Chinese snacks, drinks, and treats. There are five tabs: Serveware, Yum Cha, Plate Foods, Drinks, and Dessert.

Steamed dishes are cooked in baskets. Select the basket from the Serveware tab, then go to the Yum Cha tab and select the item that the customer wants. Put the item in the basket and put the basket on the stove. When the basket begins to steam, it is ready to serve. If you don't remove it quickly enough, the food will burn.

For plate dishes, select the plate from the Serveware tab. Then go to the Plate Foods tab and select the item that the customer wants. Put it on the plate.

Drinks and desserts can be selected from the Drinks and Desserts tabs and do not require any preparation. Put the foods on the indicated spots on the table, and spin the table around to deliver the dishes to the customers. A thought bubble with musical notes appears above a customer's head when they are full. The game ends when all the customers are full.

Perfume Shop

Combine ingredients to create special perfumes for the customers.

First, pick the perfume bottle that the customer has asked for. Then, pick the correct ingredients for the perfume. There are four tabs for ingredients: Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple. Each tab has six items, one for each of the following categories: Flowers, Sports, Meals, Gems, Fruits, and Machines.

The customers' orders will tell you what colors and objects they want. For example, a customer may specify 'purple' and 'fruits'. The items that you pick should fulfill the requirements for the customers' orders. You should make sure you have the correct number for each. If 'red' appears twice in the customer's order, you need two red items. If 'sports' appears once in the customer's order, you should only have one sports item. The items and colors do not correlate. If the order includes 'green', 'yellow', 'fruits', and 'flowers', than you may make a perfume with either a green flower and a yellow fruit, or a yellow flower and a green fruit.

Once you have the items, mix them together with water in the cauldron. Use the rod to stir the mixture. You can fan the fire under the cauldron to speed up the process, but if you make the fire too strong, it will cause an explosion. As you stir and heat the liquid, it will filter through a tube and start to fill the perfume bottle. When the perfume bottle is full, cap it.

Jewelry Shop

Create jewelry from precious gems.

First, move the magnifying glass over the rocks. You can see which color gems are in each rock. Get the color that the customer has specified. Dig the gem out of the rock with the pick.

Then cut the gem into the shape that the customer has specified. If you cut for too long, the gem will have a cracked appearance.

Use the cloth or blow on the DS screen to clean the gem and remove all of the dust.

Finally, choose the display option that the customer wants.

Fireworks Shop

Put on firework shows for the customers.

The fireworks will be lined up under a fuse. A flame will move across the fuse. Tap a firework when the fuse is under it to shoot it off. If you don't tap the firework in time, it will fizzle out. Your score is based on how many fireworks you successfully shot off.

Jewelry Fireworks Shop

Create a fireworks show with special jewel fireworks.

This shop combines the Jewelry Shop and the Fireworks Shop.

The gameplay is nearly identical to the Fireworks Shop. Instead of regular fireworks, the fireworks in this game are made out of jewels. The fireworks will be lined up under a fuse, and a flame will move across the fuse. Tap on a firework when the flame is under it. If you don't tap it in time, the firework will fizzle out. Your score is based on how many fireworks you successfully shot off.

This shop has a higher difficulty level than the Fireworks Shop.

Special Makeup Shop

Give the customers makeovers.

Pictures of the items that the customer wants will appear on the top screen. The customer will be on the bottom screen. There are five tabs: First Coat, Face, Accessories, Hairstyles, and Paint.

You always have to apply a First Coat before you start doing anything else. Move the applier all over the customer's face until it is completely covered.

Then pick out the features that the customer has asked for. Noses, mouths, and ears can all be found in the Face tab. Hats and glasses can be found in the Accessories tab. Wigs are found in the Hairstyles tab.

If the customer has asked for their face to be painted, go to the Paint tab. Pick out the color that they have asked for. Move the stylus over the customer's face to paint it.

My Brand

Create and sell your own dresses.

This shop is similar to the Dress Shop. Your partner is Chamametchi, and you can design your own dresses to sell to customers. You can also name the shop and decorate the interior.

The dress pieces are the same as the Dress Shop, and the tabs are the same as well(Tops, Bottoms, Patterns, Frills, and Other). You have to unlock the dress pieces before you can use them. You unlock dress pieces by serving customers at other shops. A dress piece is unlocked when you reach a certain number of customers. When you have finished creating your dress, you can choose what price you want it to be sold for.

You can choose which dresses you want to sell and which ones you want to keep. The ones that you keep will be put in storage, and the ones you want to sell will be displayed in the shop. When customers come into the shop, give them the dress that you want to sell. Customers often have preferences for certain kinds of dresses.