Tamatama Market


Tamatama market
Tamagotchi Town
Market ouchi deka

The Tamatama Market (たまたまマーケット Tamatama Māketto) is a location in Tamagotchi Town. It is a supermarket that sells various foods and goods.


The Tamatama Market is yellow and dome-shaped. It has gray steps leading up to blue sliding glass doors. Over the door there is a sign that looks like a face with the words 'Tamatama Market' in the mouth area. The building has two round windows on either side of the sign. There is a small dome on top of building with an oval-shaped red sign that used to have the words 'rope way' on it, but in most current artwork, it only has the word 'shop'. There are two large banners on the side of the building that say 'sale' (セール).

In the anime, the Tamatama Market's appearance was modified slightly. The sign over the door no longer resembles a face, and the banners have 'sale' written in English letters instead of Japanese.

On Virtual Pets

O-uchi no Deka Tamagotchi / Tamagotchi Plus Color

The Tamatama Market is a visitable location where the player can purchase items with their Gotchi Points.

In the Anime

The Tamatama Market can be seen in Tamagotchi: The Movie and Let's Go! Tamagotchi.


The Tamatama Market was a visitable location on the Japanese website E-Tamago.


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