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Tamatown refers to the interactive website. For the anime location, see Tamagotchi Town.
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Tamagotchi Town
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Tamatown was an interactive website for the Tamagotchi Connection Version 3. It was an extension to the handheld pet device where players could connect online to the interactive website and earned items and prizes for their game.


Tamatown was an extension to the Tamagotchi Connection V3 where players could connect online to the Tamagotchi website and bring their Tamagotchis to the world of Tamagotchi. Players could play games to earn Gotchi Points, Tamatown's currency. They could spend points in shops to buy various items for their Tamagotchi pet device.

There were four locations in Tamatown: Main Street, Mame City, Flower Hills, and Patchi Forest. Main Street was the central hub of Tamatown. The other three locations were visitable. Each of these locations had different geography, games, and items. Players could travel between these locations through the station at Main Street.

All items earned from Tamatown were distributed to the game as "codes." By inputing these codes into the handheld pet device, they could acquire items they've earned from Tamatown and use them in the game. Up to ten items can be earned for each Tamatown sessions.


  • School - Go to Tamagotchi School
  • Arcade - Play TamaTown games for Gotchi Points and Items.
  • Kindergarten - Go to Tamagotchi Kindergarten
  • Shopping Center - Shop for items for your handheld Tamagotchi.
    • Forever Tamagotchi - TBA
    • Lucky Tama Toys - Shop for toys.
    • The Tama Beat - Shop for music instruments.
  • Theater - Watch short Tamagotchi flash animations.
  • Station - Travel to other towns.
  • Grandparents - Get free rewards from your previously owned Tamagotchis.
  • Bank - Deposit and withdraw Gotchi Points.
  • Town Hall - TBA
  • Food Court - Shop for food-related items.
  • Post Office - Send mail or help out at the post office.


TamaTown Shut Down
The shutdown notice for the European game.

On February 6, 2013 the servers for Tamatown were shut down. Tamatown is now no longer supporting the enhanced gameplay feature for Tamagotchi Connection V3.

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