Tensaitchi Jr. (てんさいっち2世)
Tensaitchi jr.
Genders and Releases:

Tensaitchi tamasuku sprite

Tensaitchi Jr. (てんさいっち2世 Tensaitchi Ni-sei) is a robot created by Tensaitchi. He appears on the TamaSuku and the Hexagontchi. He is a possible customer in Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 3. He also makes a cameo appearance in Tamagotchi: The Movie.


Tensaitchi Jr. is very polite and uses the word "certainly" a lot. He seems to be a bit jealous of how smart Mametchi is, and says, "I am most certainly smarter than Mametchi!"


Tensaitchi Jr. has a yellow face and yellow feet and dark blue curl of hair. He wears a white lab coat and a red bow tie, and his left eye is black while his right eye is green with a white plus in the middle of it. His ears are blue, they turn red when he's angry.

The female Tensaitchi Jr. that appears on the Hexagontchi looks almost identical, except she has pink ears instead of blue.



Tensaitchi Jr. is a male special character obtained by connecting two TamaSukus. He is student #65.


Tensaitchi Jr. can be male or female. Both forms are identical, except the male's ears are blue, and the female's ears are pink. Tensaitchi Jr. can be obtained by by mating an Ojitchi with an Otokitchi.