The Adventures of Young Papamametchi (すてき! 若きぱぱまめっちの冒険 Suteki! Wakaki Papamametchi No Boken) is part 2 of episode 14 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on January 11, 2010. The episode is written by Yukiyoshi Oohashi.


Morning arrives at the Mame Family house. Where Mametchi and Papamametchi have packed their bags. On his way out the door, Papamametchi takes a moment to look at a ship-in-a-bottle. Afterwards, Mametchi and Papamametchi say goodbye to Mamametchi and left the house.

As the two walk down the street, Papamametchi says it's his first time going out and decided to spend the day fishing. Mametchi ask Papamametchi about the ship-in-a-bottle, he thinks it is special to him. Papamametchi briefly laughs, then he explained that he was once on that ship when he was young. Then Busstopchi passess by, making a bus arrive up to the two. They get on the bus to reach their destination. On their way, Mametchi looks out the window and sees a coast along the side of the roadway. Then Mametchi asks more about Papamametchi's ship. He said that he was on an adventure.

The scene then goes into the past where the young Papamametchi is on his ship. Over Papamametchi's voice over, he said that he was looking for a "legendary lifeform", a creature nobody has ever seen before. The young Papamametchi then looks through his telescope, before the cutaway scene ends. Papamametchi wanted to see the lifeform with his own eyes. Mametchi was aspired.

The two depart from the bus at a bus stop, then they headed for their destination on foot. As the two stop for a drink, Papamametchi continues his story. His ship was caught up in a storm, and the young Papamametchi struggles to keep his ship steady. A tide then attacked the ship, casuing the young Papamametchi has lost consciousness. He woke up after the storm has lifted. His ship is surprisingly intact, except that his sails are ruined.

Back in the present, Mametchi and Papamametchi are near a body of water and cast their fishing lines, with Mametchi hoping for a hook. While the two wait, he opens a lunchbox containing sandwiches made by Mamametchi. So while he eats, he asks Papamametchi to tell more of his adventure. So he continues telling his story, where the young Papamametchi is stranded at an uncharted part of sea. He continues searching for the "legendary lifeform", but to no avail. Eventually, he ran out of food and he floats aimlessly with no hope. But during that time, a shadowed figure swims under young Papamametchi's ship. Papamametchi gets a closer look. Then the creature leaped out of the water. Papamametchi was amazed that he saw it with his own eyes. Then the creature swam into the sky.

Then, Papamametchi fishing line hooked a fish. As he tries fighting with the fish caught on the hook, the line broke, throwing he and Mamaetchi backwards. And fish got away. As they pity over it, Papamametchi continues his adventure story. After he saw the legendary creature, it was the only time he saw it. Later, he told the townsfolk of his discovery and tried to find the creature again. But he never found it again. Then he realized something: Tamagotchi Planet is left with many mysteries unexplored and waiting to be discovered. At that point, he dedicates himself to a life of research. Which leads him into being a scientist. As the two stare into the horizon above, Mametchi asks Papamametchi to tell him more stories. He pleasantly says yes.

The sun sets and the two walk down a forest path, with Mametchi talking about the fish that got away; the ones who get away to most are always the biggest. Then he said that he had fun listening to Papamametchi's stories. Arriving at the same bus stop, Busstopchi passes by, followed up with a bus arriving.

Later that night, the two arrive home for dinner, where Papamametchi tells Chamametchi during his time at fishing. She was exited, then felt pitiful when he lost the fish. Then Mamametchi reminded Chamametchi to finish her plate. She goes back to eating. Mametchi looks at the ship-in-a-bottle and discovered that the model is the same ship Papamametchi used. The episode ends with Papamametchi's ship under the starry night skies, with a watery trail seen in the sky too.





Tamagotchi adventures (the adventures of young papamametchi)

Tamagotchi adventures (the adventures of young papamametchi)