Chocolate scramble

The Great Chocolate Scramble! (ソーダツ! エブリーラブリンチョコ So-datsu! Eburi Raburin choko) is part 1 of episode 23 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on March 15, 2010. The creator of the episode is Oohashi Yukiyoshi.


Lovelin announces the final round of "Lovelin's Chocolate Treasure Hunting". First, Lovelin and Tamastetchi explains the rules of the game: there are egg shaped capsules hidden throughout the park on Tama Street. All of them contains Lovelin's pink chocolate hearts, with the numbers varying. Whoever has the most chocolate hearts is the winner of the of the grand prize: a year's supply of Lovelin's pink chocolate hearts.

Lovelin introduces the 12 finalists: Mametchi, Chamametchi, Kuchipatchi, Memetchi, Kikitchi, Makiko, Gozarutchi, Kuromametchi, Nemutchi, Spaceytchi, Akasupetchi, and Piposupetchi. Tamastetchi adds that the contestants will be put into random pairs. Then they are required to wear a loop for the game. A teammate leaving the loop with result in penalization, thus teamwork is required. Now Lovelin asks her contestants that they draw colored straws, then team up with the one with the same color.

The partners have been decided: Mametchi is partnered with Gozarutchi. Kuchipatchi teams up with Memetchi. Makiko happily partners with Kikitchi, who seems hardly impressed with her laughing. Kuromametchi is with Nemutchi. Chamametchi cheerfully partners with Piposupetchi. And Spaceytchi and Akasupetchi are trying to get used to themselves, then Spaceytchi gets electrocuted.

Tamastetchi starts the game by firing the starting pistol. And the contestants are now on their way. Mametchi tells Gozarutchi to leave the trickier parts to him, since he says that he's good at things like that. But Gozarutchi says that's his specialty since he's been trained. Mametchi says to start looking for the capsules at the park, but Gozarutchi drags him towards his direction. The two end up climbing up a building. The worried Mametchi asks Gozarutchi to slow down, but then Mametchi looks down and starts becoming paranoid. Yet, the startled Mametchi follows Gozarutchi and asks him if there are any other easy way to look for the capsules. Watching from a live camera, Lovelin points out to Mametchi and Gozarutchi as they have a jump start by scaling buildings.

Meanwhile, at Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, Memetchi tells Kuchipatchi to leave it all to her. So he complies with her. Memetchi uses the curl on her head to scan for capsules, and it points her at a tree. But Kuchipatchi thinks there's nothing there. Memetchi is still certain but Kuchipatchi still questioned. Memetchi still contemplates, so the two both approached the tree to find the capsule. She checked around, but couldn't find any capsules, which leads to Kuchipatchi saying that he's right. Memetchi gets irritated at him, claiming that it's his fault for denying to look earlier. Then Kuchipatchi says that it's all because he couldn't smell the chocolate. He can smell all kinds of chocolate, according to him. Memetchi gets impressed with his special skill, and tells him that it will be a secret between the two of them. She generously asks him to sniff out the chocolate and he starts sniffing them out. When he picked up the scent, the two cheerfully follow the direction. Back on the live spectator monitor, Lovelin says that Memetchi and Kuchipatchi are acting "strangely".

Back at the starting position, Nemutchi is sleeping and Kuromametchi tries telling him to get up. As he tried pulling the loop, he accidentally slips it out of Nemutchi. Tamastetchi penalizes them with a point loss, much to Kuromametchi's disappointment. Lovelin comments on the two, as she says that they haven't moved from the starting point.

Elsewhere, Chamametchi and Piposupetchi are near a fountain. Chamametchi says that it's her first time working together with Piposupetchi. He agrees with her and Chamametchi says she's charmed as well. Chamametchi tells him they should work together to find the capsules. Piposupetchi says something to her, who says that he is right, making Piposupetchi blush. After they're done chatting, the two start looking for the capsules. As they went off, Lovelin view up on Chamametchi and Piposupetchi, she thinks the two are having a nice conversation.

At a nearby small park forest, Kikitchi tells Makiko on his direction, but she contemplates that going through the greenery will mess up her curls. Annoyed, Kikitchi tells her not to be worried about it. She replies that she is on live TV and wants the audience to adore her beauty. Kikitchi is still annoyed from her contemplation as she chatters on with her looks. Lovelin looking up to them, she thinks Kikitchi is concerned on messing up Makiko's curls.

Meanwhile, Spaceytchi and Akasupetchi discusses the year's supply of the pink heart chocolate. Akasupetchi asks Spaceytchi on how much a year's supply is worth. He only said what Akasupetchi questioned him. He questions how much chocolate would they get totaling up a year's worth. So Spaceytchi explains: he says that it's one chocolate on breakfast, plus one for lunch, and one chocolate at dinner time. Then multiplied by a year's worth (that's 1 chocolate piece per meal times 365.25 days). Then Akasupetchi said that only one would just make him hungry and asks what would they do after that. Spaceytchi get irritated, but he unhesitantly repeats the same answer, with two chocolate per meal involved instead (that would be 2 chocolate pieces per meal times 365.25 days). But Akasupetchi adds what would they do for snack. Still annoyed, Spaceytchi repeats the answer again, with snack time added (which would be the product of two chocolate pieces by the product of the sum of meals, including snack time, and multiplied by 365.25 days), then sighs. Akasupetchi seems to get it, but now wonders how many chocolate is total. Spaceytchi lashes out to him that calculate it himself. Once again from Lovelin's opinions, she says that Spaceytchi and Akasupetchi are having a disagreement.

Back at Mametchi and Gozarutchi, they climbed to the top of the building, and they discovered one of the hidden capsules. Gozarutchi opens it and it contains three heart chocolates. Mametchi lays down to recover from his exhaustion. At the points board, Chamametchi and Piposupetchi already got 4 points while points have been added to Mametchi and Gozarutchi.

Returning to Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, Kuchipatchi continues sniffing out the chocolates. He managed to find a capsule under a bench. Memetchi opens it and finds four heart chocolates, scoring them up to sixteen points. But then, she asks Kuchipatchi with all the chocolate that he is carrying. He became nervous, but then says that "he hid them". When Memetchi says where, he admittedly says that they're in his stomach (he ate them). Memetchi became furious with him, tumbling him backwards and bashing him into a tree over her anger. The chocolates were thrown into the air after Kuchipatchi tumbled. Then they all fell in Kuchipatchi's mouth and gladly eats it. Memetchi sighs, but generously decided to look for more with him. When Lovelin saw it through the spectator screen, she says that all the eaten chocolates don't count towards their score. They get a penalty for leaving the loop, which brings their score to a negative one.

Back at Chamametchi and Piposupetchi, Chamametchi opens the capsule they found and finds four heart chocolates. She compliments Piposupetchi on the find, then he points out another one. The two arrive at a big clock. After the big hand reaches the 12, the cuckoo door opens and the bird ornament pushes the capsule down. Piposupetchi mananges to catch it by a dive. Chamametchi became impressed, and Piposupetchi blushed. Back at the scoreboard, the two manages to score up to 20 points, with Lovelin praising on their high lead.

The scene switches to Mametchi and Gozarutchi who are climbing up a pole. Mametchi asks Gozarutchi why are they climbing the pole. He replied that he doesn't want to disappoint the person who took the trouble hiding it up then. Mametchi struggles, then suddenly slips out of the loop and falls, but lands gently by hugging the pole. Tamastetchi penalizes him and Mametchi groans. Then Gozarutchi calls out to him if he is okay.

Going back to Kuromametchi and Nemutchi, Nemutchi is still sleeping, disappointing Kuromametchi even further. Then the scene goes back Makiko and Kikitchi, where Kikitchi tries to reach the capsule stuck on between two objects. Kikitchi requests Makiko to move closer, but she refuses so. Then she tries moving away from the small gaping, making it harder for Kikitchi to reach the capsule. Once again switching back to Mametchi and Gozarutchi, they arrive at the TAMAX-TV broadcasting studio. Gozarutchi says he's certain that it's on top of the building. They're already standing below the radio tower on top of the building. Mametchi tells him that it's very high, but Gozarutchi still has high hopes. A object shines on top of the radio tower. When they reached the top, they opened the capsule they found and finds five heart chocolates inside. Mametchi complements Gozarutchi for finding it, and then the two smiled.

The game has finally ended as the contestants already return to the starting point. So now Lovelin tallies up the scores the contestants have accumulated. Mametchi and Gozarutchi got nine points and including their penalties. Makiko and Kikitchi gets six points. Nemutchi and Kuromametchi got negative one due to their penalty. Kuromametchi yawns. Kuchipatchi and Memetchi got twelve points, and Memetchi says that Kuchipatchi has eaten more than half their chocolates. Spaceytchi and Akasupetchi got zero points, much to Spaceytchi's disappointment. Akasupetchi appears to be still talking to him about the chocolate heart calculations, and after telling him about about if they wanted a midnight snack, he gets even more furious and tells him to be quiet. And for Chamametchi and Piposupetchi, they got up to twenty-eight points, which makes them the winner of the game.

Chamametchi and Piposupetchi won the prize of a year supply of Lovelin's chocolates. Mametchi congratulates his little sister. And Memetchi and Kuchipatchi congratulates her as well. [Script Missing]





"Tamagotchi!" - The Great Chocolate Scramble

"Tamagotchi!" - The Great Chocolate Scramble