The Power of the Bond (きずなのちから Kizuna no chikara) is episode 143 of Tamagotchi!. It is the conclusion of a four-part episode series and the series finale of Tamagotchi!, which then continues in Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream. It aired on September 3, 2012. The creator of the episode is yet to be known.


The gang all tries to have faith in Kizunatchi as she attempts to cure the entire planet and its inhabitants of the egg curse.


Mametchi sad Spoilers Below!

This section contains major plot-progressing story elements!

Continued from the last episode, Mametchi and the gang are at Ha Island and must get ready to summon the final Tama Heart in order to rid Tamagotchi Planet of the egg curse. Just then, they turn around and see a white egg behind them. Kizunatchi realizes it is her friend Hatokamitchi, but when she tries to tell him to help with getting the final Tama Heart, he ignores her words and hops away, talking to himself.

Tears come to Kizunatchi's eyes as she watches Hatokamitchi disappear into the distance. Mametchi tries to assure her by explaining that Hatokamitchi is no longer like the real Hatokamitchi now that the egg curse has fully taken its toll on him.

Moriritchi watches on, and she thinks of her sister, Anemoriritchi, with a start. She realizes that this must have happened to Anemoriritchi too. She remembers how everyone else back in Tamagotchi Town who had the egg curse did not care about fashion and only wore red bands. Moriritchi is horrified as she thinks of Anemoriritchi losing all her fashion sense and personality until she finally turns into a white egg.

Telelin and Pashalin go to Moriritchi and ask what is wrong, but Moriritchi is lost in a trance and her vision blurs. Finally, everything goes white. Meanwhile, the others were busy trying to comfort Kizunatchi and now look over to Moriritchi. They are shocked to see three eggs that look like Telelin, Pashalin, and Moriritchi. The eggs then turn white and hop away, just like Hatokamitchi.

Memetchi calls out to Moriritchi, but she does not come back. Everyone starts to give up hope. Himespetchi says she will get the egg curse, and Kuchipatchi agrees. Melodytchi says she will too, but Mametchi does not give up. He tells Kizunatchi that there is still a chance; they must get the last Tama Heart. After hesitating, Kizunatchi says she understands, and asks Lovelitchi and Melodytchi to give her their Tama Profys.

In the next seen Kizunatchi is at the pond of Ha Island. It is covered in ice. Kizunatchi does a dance on the ice, spinning so that the Tama Hearts come out of the Tama Profys. The pond glows purple as the Tama Hearts start to spin as well. When Kizunatchi and the Tama Hearts finally stop spinning, the final "Relic of Mystery" appears through the ice.

Everyone is awed by it, but just then the sky begins to darken. They begin to panic as Mametchi explains that the egg curse of Tamagotchi Planet is almost complete. Himespetchi is devastated because she never got the chance to marry Mametchi, and Kuchipatchi is upset because he wanted the chance to eat the biggest feast ever.

Kizunatchi does not give up yet. She flies around the Relic of Mystery, releasing the Tama Hearts once again. When she finishes, the Relic of Mystery glows white and the last Tama Heart emerges. In a purple flash of light, the Relic of Mystery fully breaks free of the ice, sending sparkling ice shard everywhere. Hatokamitchi's heart staff gets thrown through the air, and Kizunatchi catches it. It shrinks to her size and she sways it through the air, making it glitter with magic.

Kizunatchi points with the heart staff and all the Relics of Mystery as well as their matching Tama Hearts go into the correct places in the ice pillars. Now that the task is complete, everyone waits for something to happen. However, nothing does, and the sky is still dark.

Mametchi runs up to the closest ice pillar and he and the others beg the sky for the Tama Hearts to work. Then Mametchi takes out a drawing by Chamametchi and Hapihapitchi; it is a picture of Mametchi's family. Mametchi tells how deeply he wishes for his family to go back to normal, and Lovelitchi, touched by Mametchi's speech, decides to join in.

Lovelitchi runs over to Mametchi and smiles up at the sky, saying she wishes for everyone and everything she loves to be okay. She takes Mametchi's hand, and Himespetchi is dismayed. Then Melodytchi runs over and takes Lovelitchi's hand, saying how much her violin means to her and how playing it makes her happy.

However, a huge dark purple hole seems to open in the sky, spreading wide and making the world even darker. If it were to envelope the whole world, Tamagotchi Planet's egg curse would be complete and everyone would be doomed. Kizunatchi uses the magic heart staff to temporarily stop the spread, but Memetchi is worried for her. Himespetchi looks over to Mametchi, Lovelitchi, and Melodytchi. Summoning courage, she begins to walk over so as to hold Mametchi's hand, but Memetchi gets there before her and Himespetchi falls over with a "gigashyun".

Memetchi begins to talk about how she and Makiko were always fighting over whose curls were best. She continues and says that when Makiko had the egg curse, she didn't make one taunt about Memetchi's hair at all. Memetchi says that she misses their curl-rivalry and that the egg curse must stop so they can disagree about the curls again.

Kuchipatchi holds Memetchi's hand and begins to talk about all the delicious food he has eaten. He lists pizza, hamburgers, and much more, with an exasperated comment from Memetchi. Up in the sky, Kizunatchi is beginning to tire out and stops to take a breath; the power of the heart staff wavers and the darkness spreads more before Kizunatchi aims the heart staff at it once more. She doubts her ability to pull through and that Hatokamitchi would have been able to do it. Then, the heart staff sparkles and she hears Hatokamitchi's voice giving her encouragement in her mind.

Himespetchi slowly walks over to the other end of the line and takes Melodytchi's hand. She blushes as she glances over at Mametchi. She feels this is the perfect time to reveal her feelings for Mametchi, but as she thinks of the right words to say, Kizunatchi's energy depletes. Eventually, Himespetchi looks over to Mametchi, says his name fondly, and begins to say that she loves him. Mametchi gazes at her, his eyes shining, while the others look on smiling, but before Himespetchi can finish her sentence, disaster happens.

Kuchipatchi cries out a warning and everyone gasps as they see Kizunatchi pass out, all thoughts of Himespetchi's situation gone. It focuses on Kizunatchi as she falls, still clutching the heart staff, apologizing to Hatokamitchi and everyone that she didn't succeed. Her eyes close and her lifeless body continues to plummet to the ground.

Mametchi and the others run towards her at full speed, tears streaming from their eyes. They all say to Kizunatchi that she was important to them all and that they'd rather catch the egg curse than let her die. It shows Kizunatchi falling again, and then it shows all the different areas of the word as they darken. Tamagotchi Planet's egg curse is just finishing as Kizunatchi is reaching the ground.

As soon as Mametchi and the others reach her, she suddenly stops falling and floats in mid air. The friends are spellbound as Kizunatchi lights up, sparkles shimmering around her. Tama Hearts appear in front of each of the friends and then go over to surround Kizunatchi. In one big flash, a new figure softly floats to the ground. Kizunatchi is alive again, and she has evolved. The friends have tears of joy in their eyes. Kizunatchi thanks them for their bond with her and she says now she is sure she can do it.

Casting a fond glance at her friends, Kizunatchi sprouts shimmering wings and gracefully soars into the air, making a sparkly heart shape in the sky. The Relics of Mystery emerge from the ice pillars and Kizunatchi raises the heart staff; in a brilliant flash, the Relics of Mystery are sent into space and surround Tamagotchi Planet, causing it to glow. The egg curse breaks; the purple tide recedes from the sky and pink Tama Hearts float into the air. The Tamagotchis of the world turn back to normal, and the planet is safe once more.

Back on Ha Island, the friends celebrate their victory of curing Tamagotchi Planet of the egg curse. Kizunatchi lands on the grass and says that all the bonds are restored on Tamagotchi Planet, and that she couldn't have done it without the friends' help. Lovelitchi asks if everyone else is back to normal as well (not just the planet) and at that moment they hear Moriritchi calling. They see Moriritchi, Hatokamitchi, Telelin, and Pashalin running towards them, back to normal. The gang run over to greet their friends and everyone is glad to be reunited. Kizunatchi flies into Hatokamitchi's arms and hugs him.

It shows Tamagotchi Planet back to normal, and then Mametchi's voice tells about what he did after the victory. Then, it shows the students of Tamagotchi School during their regular activities: Violetchi waters the flowers, Nachuratchi takes photos, Kikitchis races with his classmates, and Memetchi and Makiko disagree about their hair. Mametchi looks out the window thanking Kizunatchi, and it then shows a flashback:

The gang are giving cries of surprise, Kizunatchi has just told them she must leave. She then explains that the reason why she must go is to return home with Kizunatchi and look after the Tama Hearts. The friends begin to cry, and they run over to hug her; Kizunatchi says she is sure they'll see each other again one day.

Back in Tamagotchi School, Miss Perfect comes into the classroom with an announcement to make. Everyone takes their seats, and then Miss Perfect calls Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi. She announces that because they won the Robot Soccer Tournament, it is time for them to study abroad at Dream School. The three friends are shocked, and so are their classmates. Makiko notes that the trio will have to leave Tamagotchi Town, and Himespetchi whimpers at the thought of Mametchi leaving her, and the episode ends with Mametchi, Memetchi, and Kuchipatchi still looking astonished at Miss Perfect's announcement.




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