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Tomomi (ともみ Tomomi) is a human girl similar to Tanpopo from Tamagotchi: The Movie. She is first seen in episode 96 of Tamagotchi!, when she was accidentally transported with Mametchi's prototype Tama Profy machine, on its first trial run. Then left Tamagotchi! in episode 112, when she was sent back to The Earth.

Tomomi appears again in episode 136, when Mametchi is asked to answer a question by Sufuinkuizutchi about life.

Her best friend from The Earth is Yuka.

The school she goes to on Earth is First City Elementary School (市立第一小学校).

In the anime, she is voiced by Ayana Taketatsu.


Tomomi's appearance is very different to Tanpopo's, unlike Tanpopo who was designed by similar artists from Pokémon. Tomomi resembles more Shoujo style characteristics than Tanpopo because of her big eyes.

Tomomi has brown hair with a pink scrunchie tied to make a ponytail. She has a white T shirt with black ends, with a pink bow and two stars on the front. She also wears brown colored boots, blue jean shorts and also has greyish brown eyes.


Tomomi is very polite and kind, but sometimes very sensitive and shy. She is very talented and very good at sports and stage magic, and dreams someday she will become a magician. Tomomi is also a big fan of Gotchiman, like Mametchi.

Name Origin

Tomomi's name is similar to the Tamagotchi friendship word, Tamatomo. Her name translated means "beautiful (mi) friend (tomo)", also known as a person who is wisdom and truthful in Japanese.


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