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Genders and Releases:
Tonanyorotchi sprite

Tonanyorotchi (トナにょろっち) is an adult Tamagotchi character exclusive to the Santaclautch no Tamagotch.


Tonanyorotchi is identical to Nyorotchi, except it wears reindeer antlers on its head. On its sprite, it appears to have a smaller head and a longer body than the original Nyorotchi.

On Virtual Pets

Santaclautch no Tamagotch

Tonanyorotchi is one of three possible companion characters that can be born when using the Egg item. If all three of the previous items have been used, Tonanyorotchi forms a complete "set", allowing the Santaclautchi to travel distances faster.

Name Origin

Tona comes from tonakai, which is Japanese for "reindeer". Nyoro is originally from Nyorotchi's name and means "wriggling".

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