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Tonotchi sprite

Tonotchi (とのっち) is a male parent stage character who appeared on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. He can also be seen on the Celebrity Cruise ship in Tama & Earth EXPO. Tonotchi evolves from Tamasumatchi, Pharaotchi or Mametchi. Tonotchi's female counterpart is Tennyotchi.


Tonotchi resembles a Japanese samurai. He has a chonmage haircut, thick eyebrows, and a moustache. He has light cream skin. He wears a hakama. The top part of the hakama is orange, and the bottom part is yellow.


Tonotchi is very strict about rules. It scolds anyone who does wrong. It longs for traditional clothing and styles from ancient villages. Despite their opposite personalities, Tonotchi and Tennyotchi manage to get along.

Name Origin

殿 tono is Japanese for "feudal lord".

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