Towertchi (たわーっち)
Towertchi artwork
Genders and Releases:
Towertchi sprite

Towertchi (たわーっち Tawātchi) is a parent Tamagotchi that appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Celebrity. Towertchi can be either male or female. It belongs to the Model Family, and it is the parent form of Modeltchi.


Towertchi is quite tall and has a segmented body similar to a caterpillar's. It has short arms, tiny round feet, and a small round tail. Its head is round, and it has Kuchipatchi-like lips, pink blush spots, and dark oval-shaped eyes. The top of its head is dark blue with round ears.

The male Towertchi is slightly taller than the female. The segments of his torso are cube-like, and they are green, blue, and yellow. His head is blue, and his arms, feet, and tail are green. The female Towertchi's torso has sphere-like segments which are yellow and pink. Her arms are pink, and her feet and tail are yellow. She has eyelashes, and her ears are slightly longer than the male's.


Towertchi is proud of its height. It often stumbles because it can't see its feet. Sometimes the sections of its body fall apart, but it can rebuild itself.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi Connection Verion 5 Celebrity

Towertchi is the parent of the Model Family. It is obtained when Modeltchi marries.

Name Origin

Towertchi's name comes from the English word tower, which refers to its height.

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