Tsukkomitchi (つっこみっち)

Tsukkomitchi art

Genders and Releases:

Tsukkomitchi sprite

Tsukkomitchi (つっこみっち) is a female adult Tamagotchi character from the Tamagotchi Connection Version 4.5 and Uratama. She is in the Ura Mame group and is obtained with high gorgeous points.


She is light pink with three red ribbons; one on her chest and two on her head. She has an orange beak and a curly tail. One of her hands is small and the other one is large with five fingers.


Tsukkomitchi likes to make people laugh but she isn't always successful. She is also very curious and tries to find out everything she can about others, probably so she can find out what they think is funny.

Name Origin

Tsukkomi is a Japanese comedy role in Manzai, and it is similar to the the "straight man" routine in western media. Tsukkomi characters will berate the Boke characters, and usually smack them on the head as part of a slapstick routine, which may be why Tsukkomitchi has a large hand.

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