Genders and Appearances:

Uniqlotchi (ユニクロっち Yunikurotchi) is an adult female Tamagotchi character who appears exclusively on the Tamagotchi Connection Version 5.


Uniqlotchi is always wearing colorful clothes. She is the trend leader of the Tamagotchi Planet. She says "Fashion!" all the time, even when someone sneezes.


Uniqlotchi has yellow hair, pale yellow skin, light orange cheeks. She wears a maroon hoodie, orange pants, and white flower-shaped earrings. She also has two yellow U-shaped hairpieces the same color as her hair, most likely representing Uniqlo. Her eyes also have the letter U in them.

In the Anime

Uniqlotchi appears in Tamagotchi: The Movie as a minor character.

Name Origin

Uniqlotchi's name comes from the fact that she advertises Uniqlo, a Japanese clothes retailer.


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