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  • Himespetchi

    This is an analysis expressing the views of I, Himespetchi, and contains spoilers.

    A series that first took a heavy hit on the Tamagotchi fanbase due to the removal of almost all the familiar characters. Looking back on it now, it is actually very good if you give it a chance. While Lovelitchi and Melodytchi were already famous when they were first introducted, Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi have the GOAL of becoming idols to accomplish, which gives a kind of reason to keep watching the show to see if they ever achieve their dreams.

    YKD also introduced an array of great new character designs with a range of unique personalities. It's great to see them all in action, including those outside of the central characters. I actually quite enjoyed seeing…

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  • Himespetchi

    Do you think it would be a good idea to add a slider for the latest/upcoming Tamagotchi episode, and update it every week? Or would that be pointless and too much hassle? I've seen a newest episode slider on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic wiki, and an upcoming episode slider on the Gravity Falls wiki. But I'm not sure if Tamagotchi Wikia needs it because the anime isn't that popular outside Japan.

    What do you think?

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  • Himespetchi

    TamaTomo PC

    March 1, 2014 by Himespetchi

    So basically, I bought a Tamagotchi PC online! I'm so excited! It will probably come on Tuesday because I ALWAYS seem to get my packages on Tuesdays...

    It was only $30! But shipping was more than the toy itself. 0n0 Now I have no money... ;-;

    Nonetheless, I'm really really excited but I'd love to know more about it!

    There are three TamaTomo PCs. The one I got is the YumeKira one! \(>.O)/ My brothers have little "educational" PCs too and they look cool. Does anybody know more about the Tamagotchi ones? I hope being Japanese won't make it difficult to understand~ I'm hoping it will actually improve my Japanese tehe

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  • Himespetchi


    December 20, 2013 by Himespetchi

    Just a blog update saying that this has been a good (and bad) day. :3

    I got some new Tamagotchi stuff from Japan including the Watchlin toy! It's very fun. :3  I also got the Dream Coffret Palette toy and it has names for the colors, and one of them says "Sexy Purple". Lol! I also got a million packets of Tamamori stickers.

    The bad news is I'm very ill, my throat hurts like heck, and I've vomited 3 times today. :'< I hope I get better soon.

    I look forward to sharing info about the Watchlin when I'm not sick! :]

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  • Himespetchi

    W H Y M E .

    September 24, 2013 by Himespetchi

    I...just spent over an hour working on Prince Tamahiko's article. I made the template, added detailed information, perfected it all, and it was a fairly long article...But then I put his Japanese name in the template I had made, and it didn't fit. So I tried to make the template box wider...and that was a huge mistake.

    I have no idea how it happened, but the entire article got junked up with random numbers and coding. I mean a LOT. At least 3 times longer than the article itself. It wasn't just at the beginning / ending of the article; it was scattered in between all the words so I couldn't just erase it, and the Undo button didn't do a thing. So I had to give up.

    As you can imagine, I am crying now.

    I don't feel like editing his article all …

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