The newest tam to my recent & rapidly growing collection is my obscure Hexagontchi, hence the making of my first blog! I will leave no time to waste... on with the blog-tchi!

• Day 1 (Hatch day) - 17/Jan/12

HX Pond Hatch

Yay it's a BOY!

So this is my Gen 1 character, a Kinotchi, I named him Pond because it's one of the very few things I can spell in Hiragana ;-) His first day in tama land was quite interesting considering I don't think either one of us really knew what we were doing...

2012-01-17 16.07.54

Pond, waiting for me to come up with something interesting to do...

2012-01-17 16.08.14

He got bored and decided milling about the streets.


And here →

We can clearly see it was taking me too long to figure this thing out so Pond set out on his own adventure....

After much searching online (including Wikia) I found very limited info on this tam... so help was nil to say the least. (Which is part of the reason I will be dedicating many of my edits to the Hexagontchi section of Wikia)

So then, while I was confused and fumbling, I was curious where Pond wandered off to?!

2012-01-17 16.08.20

LOL! Poor thing, I took my eyes off him for a few minutes and he tries to go on a shopping spree!

Luckily the lil guy didn't have a single Gotchi to his name.... and so the store clerk had turned him away.... how embarassing!

On the walk home we had a nice long chat about why you don't fill up a shopping cart and take it to the checkout without any money.

2012-01-17 16.09.46
2012-01-17 16.10.15
After Pond had a timeout for the little stunt he pulled at the store, he was doing much better, so I felt he deserved some fun time!

← We took a trip to the park, he loved talking with that funny mouse!

Then we stopped to play some games.→

A little while later, Pond began to grow and became a toddler....

• Day 2 (Toddler Stage) - 18/Jan/12

2012-01-18 15.51.51

Pond, checking on his first tree.

← An adorable Kuribotchi! He decided to go and check on the tree we planted the day before.

He bobbled around a lot yesterday, we played some games and I did more research trying to find out more things that would keep Pond active and busy, aside from tree planting and street walking ;-)

• Day 3 (Teen) - 19/Jan/12

Now we are up to speed and the present day. Today Pond turned into a cute teenager...

2012-01-19 07.19.15

An innocent looking Young Mametchi... how sweet, though he had this dazed and clueless look on his face :-/

At any rate he was eager to check and see the progress of his tree and before I could get him bundled up in his scarf and jacket, he was already tearing through the door to the yard...

2012-01-19 07.18.18

← I assumed he was happy due to the little music note, though the look on his face seems anything but happy... hmmm.

At any rate, I was excited! The tree got bigger, not by much though... these things take forever compared to the plants in the iD Ls!!

Later in the day I wanted to surprise Pond with a little something...

2012-01-19 07.19.38
2012-01-19 07.19.46

← A surprise picnic for my lil guy!

What seemed like a great idea to me, → to Pond apparently not... he promptly threw a tantrum in the kitchen.

So I decided against doing the picnic... ever ever again... I decided to let Pond play some more games and go shopping (supervised of course) to cheer him up. Hopefully he'll be in a better mood tomorrow ;)


• Day 4 - 20/Jan/12

I awake to a wonderful little treat...

2012-01-20 07.14.46

Pond is running around filthy!

And before I can get his colorful caboose in the bath....

2012-01-20 07.14.59

He just had to dart outside to check on his fully grown tree! He was soooo excited! And I was soooo hoping the neighbors didn't see how filthy he looked and think I was the bad caretaker... *embarrassing*

So after the excitement died down, I finally convinced Pond that it was time to bathe...

2012-01-20 07.16.54

Ahhh, the relaxation of a sudsy bath!

2012-01-20 07.16.59

Hmmm, he looks so happy to be back to his bright yellow hue, don't you think?

Since Pond was squeaky clean, we decided that we should tidy the rest of the house... just for good measure.

2012-01-20 07.18.25

Mmm, the priceless look of "I hate doing this" written all over his little yellow face... poor guy, but it looks like the vacuum had fun.

And yes, then we did the kitchen... no stone left unturned!

2012-01-20 07.18.44

Well I guess we know which room is Pond's favorite, he was all smiles zipping across the waxed kitchen floor!

After all of Pond's hard work, I decided it was time to get out of the house and away from the cleaning fumes... so we took a trip.

2012-01-20 07.22.05

I let Pond choose where he wanted to go, and so we wound up at the Temple. He wanted to get his fortune read.

2012-01-20 07.21.44

Uh oh, I wonder if the black one with an 'X' on it is a good one??

2012-01-20 07.22.27

Instead of acting like a mature teen, Pond responded to his unlucky news by throwing himself on the floor and acting like a Babytchi.... yet again, I was humiliated from his poor choice of manners.

We started for the train to head home, when Pond wiggled free from my hand and ran back to the Temple! By the time I could catch up to him...

2012-01-20 07.23.05

The little stinker had already gotten his fortune read again! And it seemed his luck had suddenly turned around! By the look on his face, I think he was in utter shock!

And so the day had gotten off to a pretty good start for Pond... we'll see if his good luck sticks with him into adulthood...


A quick note: I will no longer be continuing this log here, but rather will be updating it on TamaTalk. The recent version can be found here: The Hippy's Hexagontchi Blog-tchi

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