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Anime version of Watawatatchi


Watawatatchi on the iD L

Watawatatchi (わたわたっち Watawatatchi) is a female Tamagotchi character from Tamagotchi! anime, in Mametchi's class. Watawatatchi also appears as an adult-stage character on the Tamagotchi iD L.  She was a main character in many episodes of the anime, but later it was changed so she wasn't a major character anymore.

In the anime, she is voiced by Yuuko Gibu, who is voicing Chamametchi and other Tamagotchi characters.


Watawatatchi looks like a lamb wearing a white cotton dress with a big, fluffy, cotton, Tamagotchi ball on her head with long arms. She also has yellow skin, pink cheeks and smaller arms than the Tamagotchi on her head. The arms of the Tamagotchi on her head seem to be Watawatatchi's ears.


Watawatatchi is a shy, caring Tamagotchi. She gets easily nervous while talking to other Tamagotchis, and blushes a lot. However, she is very sociable when talking to animals. She has the power to talk to Tamagotchi animals and Tama Pets, such as Doremitchi who can only say Kyu (きゅ). She is often seen talking to forest animals like birds.

Everytime Watawatatchi speaks, she always ends a sentences with wata (わた).

The little Tamagotchi on her head can only say two words wata wata (わたわた), meaning a onomatopoeia (sound) word, and sometimes speaks while waving its arms after Watawatatchi finishes speaking.

Watawatatchi can hover in the air for short periods of time when the Tamagotchi on her head flaps its arms.

Name Origin

Watawatatchi's name comes from the Japanese word for cotton (wata わた). Her name literally means "Cottoncottontchi".


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