We'll Meet Again, Himespetchi (ひめスペっち、また明日 Himesupetchi, mata ashita) is episode 35 of Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream and episode 178 overall. It first aired on May 23, 2013. The episode was written by Michiko Yokote.


After practicing a song in the garage, the members of Kirakira Girls sit outside and begin to talk about the upcoming band contest. They happily converse except for Himespetchi, who acts nervous and awkward when the others ask her questions. Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi notice Himespetchi's behavior and are concerned, since they know Himespetchi secretly needs to leave Dream Town.

Later, at YUMEX-TV, the band contest is on. Dahlia Diva, Daisy Dance, and Startchi are the judges. The Kirakira Girls watch their classmates perform. Pretty Princesses performs Here we go!, followed by Mametchi's band performing Powerful Beat. Then, it is the Kirakira Girls' turn. They perform Rock 'N' Heart!. During the performances, Coffretchi can be seen watching from behind a curtain, listening and moving to the music.

The KiraKira Girls are then shown standing outside YUMEX-TV. A flashback shows that neither them nor their classmates' bands won the contest; the winner was another band called Blue Sky Family altogether. Nonetheless, the girls agree that the contest was very fun and Pianitchi says they will keep playing music together to become even better. Himespetchi looks sad when Pianitchi says this, and then quickly looks up when Mametchi and the other Dream School students who competed come out of YUMEX-TV. The friends start chatting and Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi notice Himespetchi's discomfort. Himespetchi manages to make a joke and everyone laughs but the two girls still know that Himespetchi is upset.

In the next scene, Yumemitchi and Kiraritchi are walking along, worrying about Himespetchi. They want to do something to make her happy before she has to leave. They go into the bushes and use their Yume Kira Bags, transforming them into professors. Yumemitchi scans Yumecantchi's backpack and a telephone appears. Kiraritchi adds some Kirakira Tamamori to their outfits.

Mametchi is walking home when he sees a professor, Kiraritchi, runnings towards him. Yumecantchi is with her as well. Meanwhile, Yumemitchi arrives at Himespetchi's house while she is making Tamamo letters. Kiraritchi gives a device part to Mametchi, and Yumemitchi gives another part to Himespetchi. Both girls say to arrive at the harbour before the sun fully sets.

Mametchi and Himespetchi run to the harbour, where they meet each other. Mametchi says that they should go together and Himespetchi follows him to the lighthouse. As they are going up the stairs, Mametchi takes Himespetchi's hand. When they arrive at the top, they comment on how beautiful the sky is. A phone starts to ring, and Mametchi answers it. Kiraritchi says to put the two contraptions together. Mametchi and Himespetchi connect the pieces and it forms a switch. Mametchi asks what the switch is for, and Kiraritchi says to press the button as soon as the sun sets.

Mametchi and Himespetchi both put their hands on the switch and countdown. They both press the button as soon as the clock strikes 6:00PM. For a few seconds, nothing happens, but suddenly fireworks start filling the sky. Mametchi and Himespetchi are enthralled. Himespetchi notices that her hand is still touching Mametchi's and she quickly pulls it away, blushing. Mametchi slowly moves his hand away as well.

Mametchi says that the fireworks look amazing. Himespetchi smiles and agrees. She turns to him and starts to say something, but then Mametchi starts chattering about the fireworks. Himespetchi stares at him for a moment and then smiles, before turning back to the fireworks.

Afterwards, Mametchi and Himespetchi are ready to head home. Just as Mametchi walks away, Himespetchi says to wait and she gives him a Tamamo letter. She says to read it tomorrow. Mametchi thanks her and walks away again. Himespetchi stops him again and says to keep doing his best, and he smiles and waves. Himespetchi briefly waves back before running away with an upset expression on her face, leaving Mametchi perplexed.

Later that night, Nandetchi finds a Tamamo letter from Himespetchi He begins to read it and soon panics. He runs inside and starts phone calling his friends, while Himespetchi's voice reads what some of the letter says. It's a farewell letter. All the friends meet up outside, shocked that Himespetchi is leaving. Mametchi soon arrives and asks what's going on. Yumemitchi asks him if he got Himespetchi's letter, and he says yes, but she told him to read it tomorrow. Everyone tells him to read it now. He opens the letter and begins to read, and soon a look of sadness and disbelief appears on his face.

Mametchi leads the others and they all run towards Himespetchi's house. Himespetchi's voice reads the whole letter, while showing scenes from previous episodes of Himespetchi and Mametchi together. In the letter, Himespetchi says she thankful for all the times she had with Mametchi in Tamagotchi Town and Dream Town, and that she will continue to try her best. She finishes the letter by saying Mametchi is a very special Tama-Friend.

The friends then see Himespetchi's spaceship already floating into the sky, and they panic because they are too late. They start calling out, and Mametchi desperately shouts Himespetchi's name. Himespetchi goes to the window of her spaceship and is about to close the curtains until she sees Mametchi and all her other friends standing in a heart shape on the ground, holding flashlights and wishing her farewell. Himespetchi whispers goodbye to Mametchi and tears up. Everyone keeps on waving and calling out Himespetchi's name as they watch her leave. Himespetchi remove her hands off her tears eyes and smiles even though she is crying and says she is sure that they'll meet again one day. She makes a heart shape in the sky with her spaceship and flies away into space, as the other watch tearfully and happily up at the sky.





  • "Mata Ashita" is a Japanese Phrase, which translates to "We'll meet again" or "We'll again meet tomorrow" in English.
  • The episode marks Himespetchi's last appearance in the series, before her returning in GO-GO Tamagotchi!. It also marks the first appearance of Coffretchi, before her debut episode a week later.
  • An instrumental version of Smile For Tomorrow is used in the final scene of the episode, making it the only episode in Yume Kira Dream that the song is used.


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