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Yamamoto haneru2

Genders and Releases:

Yamamotomunkutchi haneru sprite
Close Up:
Yamamotomunkutchi close1 Yamamotomunkutchi close2

Yamamoto Munkutchi (やまもとむんくっち) is a male teen Hanerutchi character. He debuted on the Hanerutchi 1 and later appeared on the Hanerutchi 2.



2005 artwork

Yamamoto Munkutchi resembles a teenage boy with short, black hair, round eyes, thin eyebrows. He has a large body and his hands are on either side of his head. He is wearing uniform, but his legs are uncovered. In his 2006 artwork, he has a pair of trousers on his legs, between his feet. He has a large nose, and a surprised look on his face.


Hanerutchi 1

Yamamoto Munkutchi is obtained on even generations from bad care. He sleeps from 9 PM to 10 AM.

Hanerutchi 2

Yamamoto Munkutchi is the male teen in the Owarai Group who is obtained from bad care (four or more care mistakes). He evolves from Nakinishimo Arakawatchi and into either Tonchinkan Chintchi with high Music GUT points, Mugatchi with high Phys Ed GUT points, or Itachaitchi with high Comedy GUT points. He wakes and sleeps at 9:00 AM/PM and has a base weight of 10 grams. He is of average to low maintenance and will evolve after 72-84 hours.


  • Yamamoto Munkutchi is the third character on the Hanerutchi 2 to feature speech in a close up, the first being Nadeshiko Akanetchi, and the second being Sakurakotchi.
    • He is the first male teen, second bad care teen and first Owarai Group teen to feature such graphics.
    • He is also the second character to have a vertical line of speech, the first being Sakurakotchi. However, he only has one, which is on the far right and in the second frame, unlike Sakurakotchi who has two lines of speech, both of which are on the far left, one per frame.

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