You Got Me! Octodogtchi's Secret! (バラン? タコウインナーっちの秘密 Baran? Takowinna-tchi no himitsu) is part 1 of episode 17 of Tamagotchi!. It aired on February 1, 2010. The episode is written by Michiko Yokote.


Kikitchi is playing with brooms with another Tamagotchi, while two others talk about fried chicken. Chamametchi, Akaspetchi, and Pipospetchi then remind everyone in class that everybody must clean up the classroom. Everybody realizes and starts cleaning. Then, Chamametchi looks behind her and sees an octopus-like Tamagotchi cleaning. Chamametchi then remembers something about her.

In a flashback, the math teacher Mr. Dentaku presents the class with a math problem: 10 + 24 = ?. Nobody answers. He asks several students, but they do not know. As the teacher thinks of another person offering them to answer for the class, the octopus-like Tamagotchi raises her hand and answers 34. The teacher is impressed that she answered correctly. It was later revealed that the name of that octopus-like Tamagotchi is Octodogtchi, according to the teacher.

After the flashback, Chamametchi comments that Octodogtchi is quiet, but very focused on her studies, and she gets good grades. Kikitchi comes up to Chamametchi and asks why she is just standing there. She says that she wants to make friends with Octodogtchi. Kikitchi is briefly surprised, then he considers it, and he adds that Octodogtchi is shy and doesn't talk to anyone.

The school day ends, and everybody leaves school. Chamametchi stops for a moment and looks back in her classroom. She sees Octodogtchi sitting alone and carrying something. Chamametchi goes up to try talking to her. As she approaches her, Octodogtchi gets spooked at first. Chamametchi pauses for a short moment, then tries to start a conversation by saying hi. Unfortunately, Octodogtchi runs out of the classroom. Chamametchi tries to keep up with her. The two girls pass by Kikitchi in the hallway, who wonders what's going on. The chase stops at Principal Mimizu's statue, where Chamametchi stops to take a breath, and loses sight of Octodogtchi.

Kikitchi catches up to Chamametchi and says that this proves that Octodogtchi won't talk to anybody. But Chamametchi is determined to be friends with Octodogtchi. Mametchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi, come up to them and show them two green papers with triangle patterns. Mametchi asks if they belong to either Chamametchi or Kikitchi. The two said it wasn't theirs. Memetchi wonders what the papers are. Everyone thinks about it. Then Kuchipatchi takes it and claims it's a musical instrument, where he strokes the triangle patterns on top of it. Memetchi takes it and says it's a crown. She puts it on Kuchipatchi's head and describes him a "Tropical Island King". Kikitchi then thought that a king came to Tamagotchi School and dropped it by accident. Kuchipatchi said if it were true, people would argue about it. Mametchi then thinks it's a ninja camouflage tool, like the kind used by Gozarutchi.

Then Chamametchi thinks it's "typical stuff" from lunchboxes. Everyone else says that she means "bento grass", a type of decorative lunch ornament. Kuchipatchi notes that the size of bento grass is big for a regular lunch box, then he adds the food in the lunchbox must be big. The gang starts to imagine a lunch box which is the size of themselves. Kikitchi is big as a broccoli, Chamametchi is big as a cherry tomato, Kuchipatchi is shaped like meatloaf, Memetchi could look like an apple slice, and Mametchi looks like a piece of fried chicken.

Mametchi suggests that the gang should figure out who owns the bento grass. Chamametchi thinks the grass belongs to Octodogtchi. Memetchi suggests they could ask her. However, Chamametchi said she was uncertain. They are all still unsure about it.

The next day at Chamametchi's classroom, Chamametchi takes the bento grass out of her desk and asks Octodogtchi if it is hers. Octodogtchi briefly blushes, and unfortunately, she runs away again. Chamametchi starts following her. Octodogtchi briefly stops to look at Chamametchi, and then she says that the grass belongs to her. Octodogtchi blushes intensely, and then continues to run away from her. She dashes out of the school. Mametchi and Memetchi are hiding behind the statue of Principal Mimizu and see Octodogtchi. They and Kuchipatchi and Kikitchi try to stop her in order to ask her, but Octodogtchi goes around them. Kikitchi then goes ahead to pursue her. Chamametchi meets up with the rest of them and tells of her attempt to talk to Octodogtchi. Kuchipatchi has doubts if the grass did belong to her. Mametchi tells the gang that they should follow Octodogtchi. As they run after Octodogtchi, Memetchi remarks that it wouldn't be so annoying if they weren't chasing Octodogtchi. Then Kuchipatchi hopes that Kikitchi doesn't lose her.

Octodogtchi stops in front of a studio and goes inside. Kikitchi was hiding behind a large drinking cup sculpture and saw her. Then the rest of the gang come up to him, and he points out that the studio is Octodogtchi's house. The gang watches Octodogtchi through a window. Octodogtchi talks to herself that she doesn't want to be shy. Chamametchi tries listening her more, but she accidentally falls through the window, causing Octodogtchi to look at her.

As they meet eye to eye, Chamametchi tells Octodogtchi that she has been looking for her. Then she shows her the bento grass and asks if it is hers. Octodogtchi finally opens up to her, and says that she lost it. The two walk up to each other, then Chamametchi gives the grass to Octodogtchi. Chamametchi wants to know what the grass is. Octodogtchi becomes embarrassed again, turning bright red and then hiding behind a giant sandwich-like piece of furniture. Then she carefully peeks out to look at Chamametchi. Chamametchi asks if she is okay.

The gang leaves the studio. Chamametchi becomes unsure if she said anything that hurt Octodogtchi's feelings. The gang cheered her up by saying that she managed to give Octodogtchi the bento grass back. Then Mametchi suggests she should try talking to Octodogtchi tomorrow to see if she has changed. Chamametchi agrees. As the gang walk away, Octodogtchi watches them from her window nervously. Then she looks at her bento grass.

The next day in Chamametchi's classroom, Octodogtchi enters the room and sees Chamametchi. In spite of her shyness, she walks up to her and says thanks. Octodogtchi starts to talk about the bento grass, but then she tells Chamametchi to come to TAMAX-TV. Chamametchi wonders about it, but then Octodogtchi becomes nervous and runs away again. Kikitchi saw it and was disappointed that what Chamametchi said made Octodogtchi run away. Chamametchi is still uncertain.

Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Kikitchi arrive near the TAMAX-TV broadcasting studio. Then they see a sign that says a dance contest is being held. They go to the stage where the contest is. Two Tamagotchis mention that the next contestant is a girl known for her spectacular dance that means a lot to her. The gang asks the two to ask who the girl is. Then a host announces the show is about to start.

On stage, the two hosts introduce the next dancer: Octodogtchi. This surprises everyone in the group. Octodogtchi then begins to dance. She starts by hopping around, then she begins spinning. Chamametchi realizes as she watches that the green thing that she gave back to Octodogtchi was actually her costume. As the show continues, Octodogtchi leap around. Chamametchi and Kikitchi are amazed. Then Octodogtchi noticed the gang. Regardless, she continues dancing; she jump spins, sways, and cartwheels. Then she finished with a big jump spin. The audience applauded, including the gang.

Octodogtchi wins the contest and is presented with a trophy. Chamametchi congratulates Octodogtchi for getting first place in the competition. Octodogtchi explains that she needed her costume to dance. Then she was thankful for helping her doing her best in the contest. Mametchi then said that the two have now became good Tama-Friends. The rest of the gang agrees. Octodogtchi and Chamametchi smile and are both happy with each other.





Tamagotchi a scary day (you got me! octodogtchi's secret!)12:17

Tamagotchi a scary day (you got me! octodogtchi's secret!)

WARNING: The timing in this video is off.

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