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North North Point
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Yukipatchi (ゆきぱっち Yukipatchi) is a female Tamagotchi Yuki-onna character from Kuchipatchi species' folktale legend. She first appeared in episode 90 of Tamagotchi!.

Yukipatchi is very much connected to the snow around her, and is a part of it. She comes and goes when the snow does. When its time for her to leave, she fades away with the snow back to North North Point, until the snow falls somewhere else on Tamagotchi Planet again.


Yukipatchi is very similar to Kuchipatchi, but her appearance is based on a Yuki-onna. She has white pinkish skin and pink cheeks. Her body is made and as cold as snow.

In episode 90 she has also has a pink flower with a star on the end, that was given to her by Kuchipatchi.


Yukipatchi's personality is very similar to Kuchipatchi's, for example they both love food.

In the Anime

Yukipatchi and Kuchipatchi meet in episode 90, Kuchipatchi building a snowman wishing it could come to life, moments later transforming into Yukipatchi. They gain a strong bound throughout the episode. At the end, as Yukipatchi explains to Kuchipatchi she has to leave due to the snow's departure they express their true feelings, that they do indeed like each other and they will meet again someday.

In episode 109, Yukipatchi returned back when the snow came, surprising Kuchipatchi and everyone else at TamaCafe.

In episode 260 (39 of GO-GO Tamagotchi!), Yukipatchi makes a return, where she reunites with her friends, including Kuchpatchi, who was happy to see her again and the two embraced. Memetchi states that Yukipatchi is Kuchipatchi's girlfriend. She also helped them with the two kings and their daughters problems.

Name Origin

Yukipatchi's name comes from the Japanese word for snow, yuki (ゆき 雪).