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Zatchi sprite Zatchi sprite SNES Zatchi sprite app1

Zatchi (ベーダーちゃん Beda-Chan) is a special adult character that debuted on the second generation of the original Tamagotchi.


He looks like a green alien, with a large head, pink eyes, and fail arms and legs. In his US artwork, his entire body is as thin as his arms, and his head is pink while his eyes are green. In Tamagotchi Research Report: Tamagotchi Book, he is bright blue with yellow eyes, and has blue claws.

In the Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. app, he uses his American colors. He also can be yellow with green eyes and a pink outline, or white with red eyes and a green outline. His Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. Tap and Hatch artwork depicts him with a body similar to his Japanese artwork, but with his US colors.


His US description reads "The final HIDDEN figure! Who knows what awaits the world when Zatchi crosses the threshold from cyberspace?"

On the Arukotchi, he is described as being a big fan of Science Fiction and loves collecting toys.

On Virtual Pets

Tamagotchi P2

Zatchi appears on English language editions, and evolves from Zuccitchi with average care. On the CD-ROM Edition, he evolves from Pochitchi instead.

Deai Hakken!! Arukotch

Zatchi appears as one of the Gotchi Boys. Obtaining him as a friend causes a UFO to appear on-screen every night. If the user manages to win his heart, Zatchi takes Arukotchi on a trip on his UFO.

In Media

Tamagotchi Video Adventures

Zatchi is part of the group of Tamagotchis sent to find an Earth artifact for the Tamagotchi Museum. He is partnered with Tarakotchi, and the two manage to bring back a copy machine. Previously, the two had visited Mars and taken an exploration rover for the museum.

Name Origin

Beda (from his Japanese name) means "vader".


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